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This free online business workshop will help you provide a step-by-step guide on how to prepare a balance sheet. It explains the importance of a balance sheet, walk you through the steps of creating a balance sheet, and provide a sample balance sheet and worksheets to help put it all
I mentioned the National Small Business Association (NSBA)’s 2014 Year-End Economic Report in this space last week, but there’s a lot more to the report that’s of interest. Specifically, there’s good and bad news when it comes to small business financing. First, the (
Small business owners are feeling optimistic—any number of surveys has shown that. But despite that optimism, CNN notes, they are by and large not looking for small business loans. The most recent Private Capital Access Index shows demand for loans is down by 12 percent compared to 2012,
This free online business workshop will help you determine the financial needs for your small business.
When it comes to funding your small business, obtaining financing isn’t the only challenge entrepreneurs face. Apparently, learning about and understanding your financing options is a hurdle in itself, according to OnDeck’s latest Main Street Pulse Report. In the most recent
Understanding the Three Major Business Credit Bureaus As a small business owner, the need to monitor, manage, and maintain a good personal credit score never goes away, but you also need to effectively manage your business credit score. The first step involves understanding the bureaus that monitor and report on business credit and what makes them
Small Business Financing: The 3 Things Your Lender Really Wants to Know I’m sure anyone looking for a job would agree it makes sense to know what a potential employer is looking for before a job interview. And knowing what a coach is looking for when you try out for the team will likely earn you a spot if you can show him or her you have the skills they want.
Capital is important to start and grow a business and sometimes it can be hard to find. While there are many different financial options to fund your small business, finding the right one to fit your business needs can be tough, if you don't know what to look for.  During the SCORE
For non-profits, “marketing” is almost a dreaded word.  Gaining funding is necessary for doing good… but every dollar and hour spent on fundraising robs resources from the service work of the organization. Fortunately there are many technology tools to help non-profits

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