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All of the fear-inducing references you’ve heard and read about cash being king in your business are absolutely true. But cash isn’t just king. It’s the entire kingdom. Poor cash management is one of the leading reasons why many small businesses do not succeed.  Without
How to Keep Hiring Costs in Check As business owners think about hiring, however, there’s a strong desire to keep costs down. Many have been optimistic about hiring before, only to scrap those plans when the economy failed to improve. When they do hire, small businesses have a strong desire to get the best people possible
This is the second of four articles in a series about how you can better manage your seasonal sales fluctuations. In the first article we discussed Understanding Seasonal Sales Trends. In this second article we’ll talk about Planning for Seasonal Sales. The next articles cover Marketing
When the Great Recession hit back in 2008, I had just launched my own business after decades as an employee. If you, like me, were in business during that time, reading the news recently might give you a sense of déjà vu. Forecasts about mass corporate layoffs, dwindling job
Tips for a Good Business Credit Score SCORE ExpertAnswers Adam Fingersh with Experian provides expert tips on maintaining a good credit score.
Bank Loan Request - Document Use this document as a sample cover letter for a bank loan request.
How to Reduce the Cost of Bounced Checks The cost of bounced checks to small-business owners goes far beyond the penalty fees the banks charge for depositing bad checks. The time spent handling bounced checks and the havoc they wreak on cash flow are also part of the toll.
Tips for Business Startups and Growth SCORE ExpertAnswers Author and speaker Steve Strauss shares exclusive tips for starting and growing your business.
Pay Yourself First You want to pump money into that burgeoning business of yours, but the mortgage has to be paid. How do you strike a balance?

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