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Due to the growth of online lending, the quickest way to get money in the bank isn’t always by going to the bank! During this workshop, Lendio's Brock Blake reviews the alternative sources of financing that may make better sense for your business and are easier to obtain than
Tips for Running Your Small Business Better: Simplifying Small Business Financing At OnDeck, we think that small business owners have the best – and most difficult – job there is.  That’s why we’ve made this 4-part video series to talk about the tools available to help make your day a little easier. And today, we’re going to talk about how
Las 6 C’s del Crédito Empresarial Una descripción completa de lo que un prestamista está buscando para establecer la solvencia crediticia de un prestatario. 
Busting the Small Business Funding Myth Americans who read business news and watch popular TV shows such as Shark Tank and Silicon Valley often get the impression that venture capital is what makes starting a business possible. But in reality, only a tiny portion of business startups are funded by venture capital.
Cinco Fuentes de Dinero Rápido Durante la recesión actual, muchas empresas podrían utilizar un poco más de dinero...y rápido. Aquí hay cinco maneras rápidas y prácticas para obtener el dinero que necesita en un mercado de crédito apretado.
The Money You Need to Make More Money (and Other Tips for Small Business Owners) P. Simon Mahler is a small business influencer and SCORE mentor. For 15 years, he has been a consultant for or founded several of his own start-up companies that have amassed more than $30 million in annual revenues.  Get Simon's advice on small business funding, business plans,
Sources of funding go far beyond traditional bank loans. From family and friends to leasing and factoring, crowdfunding campaigns and government grants, businesses have plenty of options to consider. Although there are a variety of financing options out there, about 95 percent of all start-ups
Solicitud para Préstamo Bancario para la Pequeña Empresa Los lectores que aún no cuentan con la ventaja de conocerlo lo juzgarán por su forma de escribir. Preste atención a lo que dice y cómo lo dice. Lo que sigue es una muestra de una carta de presentación para una solicitud de préstamo bancario. Observa cu
Many small business owners find it challenging to obtain financing from banks or other traditional lending institutions. Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending has changed the process of borrowing money by allowing businesses to pitch to an online audience of potential lenders.  Peer-to-peer Loan
Cash is the fuel that makes a business run. It is needed to pay salaries including your own, fund marketing programs to acquire and retain new customers, invest in equipment and facilities, pay rent, supplies and many more day-to-day activities. The purpose of this blog is to help you figure out

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