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Tips for Financing Your Business SCORE ExpertAnswers David Solís with Bank of America's Small Business Division shares his expert insights into the lending process, including tips on identifying your best financing strategy, managing business credit, and positioning your company for loan eligibility.
Evaluate the Loan Worthiness of Your Small Business Rieva Lesonsky shares questions for evaluating the loan worthiness of your business.
Microfinance Steve Strauss explains how micro-finance can work for your business.
Funding, Buzz and Marketing Inspiration A few weeks ago I received an email from a dear friend in Michigan asking me to spread the word about an important documentary that needed basic funding and support. Having lived in Mexico, this video deeply moved me to action, with a personal pledge for
Now, Give Me the $$$ Funding Everyday I’m approached by enthusiastic aspiring entrepreneurs who want to talk about an idea that’s either going to change the world, make a bucket load of cash, or both. More often than not, most of these business ideas seem viable and have an
Financing & Growing Your Business SCORE ExpertAnswers New venture development expert Dave Lavinsky is co-founder of Growthink, Inc., a consultancy and investment bank for emerging firms. Here, Dave shares advice on financing, launching and sustaining a successful small business.
Funding a Business with Your Own Retirement Funds If you’re an entrepreneur looking for small business capital, you should take note of a type of self-reliant funding. This has become ever more prevalent in today’s economic environment, as bank loans and other sources of capital have become more difficult to obtain. This self-reliant
Know When to Say "No" Raising money has been one of the most challenging experiences of building my businesses. The ‘ask’ has always been difficult for me, even though I made a nice return for investors from my last business. Clearly, I believe in the business idea- and
Small Business Financing USA Today Columnist, Steve Strauss, discusses unique ways to obtain small business financing such as: Crowdfunding, Bank loans, Business plan competitions, Business incubators and, Investors.
Business Planning & Financial Statements Template Gallery These tools can be your first step towards small business success. Find business planning, finance, sales, marketing, and management templates & guides then get advice from a SCORE mentor for one-on-one assistance along the way.

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