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No small business is the same, but all businesses require some form of license or permit in order to operate within the law – there are no exceptions (even businesses that operate from the home require them). But what licenses/permits are required and where do you go to get them? Let
Many successful startups begin as home-based businesses. Working from home for the first time can be rewarding and exciting, but it is often also challenging. Wonder if you have what it takes to work from home? Check out this list of 5 must-haves: 1. Discipline This might seem obvious, but
60-Second Guide to Setting Up a Home Office In just 60-seconds, we can get you started on setting up the perfect home office.
Home-Based Business Infographic The face of small business in America is always changing. While many entrepreneurs are starting brick and mortar storefronts, many are operating successful small businesses from their homes. This month’s SCORE infographic sponsored by Zipcar delves into the facts about home based businesses
Are you considering starting a home-based business—or moving your existing business home? There are many benefits of running your business from home, including saving on overhead, eliminating your commute and even helping the planet by cutting back on pollution because your business has a
Are you planning to start a business from home (or move your business home to save on rent)? Before you do, consider the realities of working from home found in a new survey by Carbonite. Carbonite found that home-based small business owners struggle to balance work and home life, partly
SCORE Tip of the Week: How to Stay Motivated When You Work From Home SCORE's CEO, Kenneth R. Yancey, gives advice for maintaining motivation and focus in your home office.
Are you eager to start a business, but not sure what type is right for you? IBISWorld has released its list of the hottest industries for startup businesses, which might give you some inspiration. The good news? Online services are hot, and if you’ve got some tech savvy, you don’t
Chances are, if you’re building a business from the ground up, you’re not going to be working out of a swanky office. Most likely, you’re working from home. The downside to working where you live, eat and rest is that there are a lot of distractions to keep you from productivity

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