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This free online business workshop will explain reasons to assess your company's fair market value, illustrate the 3 approaches to determining the value of a business, and provide interactive worksheets to help put it all together.  
Buying a Small Business: Assets Vs Entities Buying a small business, especially a thriving one, is a tantalizing prospect. Once you’ve moved past your initial considerations and begin to make that idea a reality by starting negotiations with the seller, you’ll inevitably be faced with a choice: should you purchase the business
What to Know Before Buying a Franchise Buying a franchise can be confusing because of the variety of franchise models and the enormous amount of information that is available. The options may be overwhelming and finding a company with a culture that fits you is one strong component of success. Many entrepreneurs are looking to be
3 Tips for Buying A Business This brief Q&A provides 3 tips to consider when buying a business. 
Covering Your Back: The Buy-Sell Agreement During a business start-up’s early stages, it’s really the last thing on your mind that something could happen to one of the partners (or even yourself). But if that came to be, it could put a share of the business up for grabs and everyone’s dreams at risk. Investing a little
Business Acquisition Questionnaire You’ve heard about a business for sale. It’s in a field you know something about. So you grab your checkbook. Whoa, not so fast! The next thing you must do is to begin to gather information by interviewing the owner of the business. The attached questionnaire is just to get you
Buying a Small Business—Facts All Potential Business Buyers Need To Know Here are the facts—80% of all business buyers never end up buying a business. Many factors contribute to this statistic, but by following the points below, you should be successful in locating and buying a business that interests you and completing the transaction.
Should I Buy a Franchise? When most of us think about franchises, we are referring to the business-based franchise like the top 500 franchises published in Entrepreneur magazine each year. Entrepreneur’s 75 different categories range from automotive to services, but they all have one thing in common—a
Get the Ins and Outs of Small Business Buying and Selling If you’re planning to make 2014 the year you start your own business, one way to break into entrepreneurship is by buying an existing business. And if you’re already in business, acquiring a related or complementary business

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