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This free online business workshop will provide an overview of different legal structures and help you decide which is best for your company.  
After developing your idea of what product or service that your business will offer,  a critical next step is to decide on how you will structure your business.   Join SCORE and The Company Corporation to learn more about this critical next step.   Discussions topics will
Choosing the Legal Structure of Your Business Learn how to choose the best legal structure for your new business.
Join us for a step by step overview of the incorporation/formation process.  You will receive an overview of several business entity types and the various considerations that should be made when formalizing your business along with an overview of the steps that are taken when forming a
Business Type Comparison Guide Business Entity Comparison
Business Entity Conversion An entity conversion may be necessary if you want to change the nature of your business.
Choosing a Business Entity: The Incorporation Wizard S corporation, C corporation, Limited Partnership, or LLC--choosing a business entity structure can be daunting and a bit overwhelming.
Ways to Structure your Business: Corporation? LLC? Partnership? Based on their needs and intended business activities, entrepreneurs may choose from a variety of legal structures.

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