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Business Opportunities Available to Veterans FranNet understands the value of a veteran.  We understand the value you brought to the battlefield, and the value you can bring to business.   You were the backbone of America in the military, and we want to help you become the
Protecting an Idea Steve Strauss, founder of, explains how and why business ideas may or may not be able to be protected.
…at least not right away. Many aspiring business owners often think of a great idea, then immediately focus all their energy into looking for funding. This is the wrong move. While funding is a CRITICAL step in launching any new business, it’s not the first thing you should consider
Why do some fledgling businesses succeed while others tank? If you could answer that question with one simple thing, wouldn’t it be easy to avoid doing it? Well, The Startup Genome Project thinks it has the answer. The organization recently took a look at more than 3,200 startup
First Steps to Getting Your Business Up and Running USA Today columnist, Steve Strauss, reviews the best ways to get your small business up and running.
Starting for Success Small business expert Rieva Lesonsky shares her tips for starting-up a new business successfully.
Startup Success eBook Worried about finding financing? With the Web 2.0 tools in this book, you can start a business for almost nothing. Stressed about hiring employees? With Web 2.0 solutions to make work faster, you may not even need them – but if you do, we’ll show you where to find them. Wondering how
What does it take to make your startup succeed? Is there some magic formula or key ingredients that you can mix together to create success? Last year a group of Silicon Valley investors launched The Startup Genome project to research and uncover the “DNA” of successful startups. The
Find Out If You're Ready   Are you thinking about starting your own business, but not sure if you’re cut out for it? Last week on the SCORE Success Blog I blogged about a new study that shed some light on the old controversy of whether entrepreneurship can be taught.

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