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Aspiring entrepreneurs often ask me, “How should I decide on the idea for my new business?” If you are wondering the same thing, I encourage you to start by thinking about what you really love to do. If your business idea is something you're passionate about and something you know
Are you considering starting your own business and wondering if you have what it takes? Try comparing yourself to successful small business owners in a recent survey by Deluxe Corp., conducted to find out what attributes entrepreneurs have in common. Here’s what Deluxe found: Small
I can already hear you groaning - “Working with relatives? I’d rather save the familial drama and handle everything by myself.” Unfortunately you may not be able to juggle all the responsibilities of a new business single-handedly. Launching a business, getting new customers,
Turning Art into a Business Steve Strauss, founder of, gives tips to artists looking to enter the business world.
The First Question To Ask In Successfully Commercializing A New Product Every year new successful products hit the market and we commonly see and know about those successful products.  While these successful few are the result of effort and focus, these products and many failed products all started with good ideas.  As a product innovator, you may believe
How to Really Start Your Own Business eBook A workbook from The Company Corporation and SCORE that helps detail all the steps necessary to successfully start your own small business.
Business Opportunities Available to Veterans FranNet understands the value of a veteran.  We understand the value you brought to the battlefield, and the value you can bring to business.   You were the backbone of America in the military, and we want to help you become the
Protecting an Idea Steve Strauss, founder of, explains how and why business ideas may or may not be able to be protected.
…at least not right away. Many aspiring business owners often think of a great idea, then immediately focus all their energy into looking for funding. This is the wrong move. While funding is a CRITICAL step in launching any new business, it’s not the first thing you should consider

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