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Find Out If You're Ready   Are you thinking about starting your own business, but not sure if you’re cut out for it? Last week on the SCORE Success Blog I blogged about a new study that shed some light on the old controversy of whether entrepreneurship can be taught.
There’s no question that starting a business is a big shift from life as an employee. But just how big a change is something many would-be entrepreneurs don’t realize until it’s too late…and they find themselves understaffed and overwhelmed. To prevent your new
Business Incubators Steve Strauss gives you the scoop on business incubators.
Ways to Structure your Business: Corporation? LLC? Partnership? Based on their needs and intended business activities, entrepreneurs may choose from a variety of legal structures.
Twitter Startup Tips for Small Business Owners If you’re giving tweets a try, let Daniel Kehrer give you some vital tips and strategies.
10 Steps to Protecting Your Ideas Got a great idea? Follow these first steps from SCORE Counselor, Alan Tratner of Santa Barbara, CA.
Do You Have the Mindset and Skills to be an Entrepreneur? You probably already know that starting a small business requires extensive research and analysis of many factors. But the one requiring the most critical assessment is often overlooked by many entrepreneurs. And, it’s as close as the nearest mirror. That’s because wanting to be an
... Not yet anyway! I received an email from a frantic newbie entrepreneur using my website. Let’s call her Christine and she was scared to death about taking the leap- I could hear it in her email. With so many challenges, should Christine quit her day job to follow her dream of
Then, Don’t Seek Funding… …at least not right away. Many aspiring business owners often think of a great idea, then immediately focus all their energy into looking for funding. This is the wrong move. While funding is a CRITICAL step in launching any new business, it’
Think Big but Start Small Think big but start small and take baby steps before walking or running. Many entrepreneurs get into trouble when they try to tackle too much too quickly, which can result in not doing anything well--- if not outright failing. This is especially true in the early

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