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December holds special meaning to us here at SCORE, not only because it’s a time to celebrate the holidays with family and friends, but also because of its designation as National Write a Business Plan month.  So much of our work with clients centers around planning and preparing for
Effective marketing is the hallmark of a successful business. Its absence means the business will fail. If it is that important, you cannot leave it to chance. You must plan how to do marketing effectively. How Marketing Fits Into Your Business Plan Your Business Plan is the first place you
It’s that time of the year, when all the trends for the following year come out… Soothsayers, psychics, and data crunchers alike are helping to predict and guide you through what the new year is about to bring.  But, what I find important is understanding trends that are
I was a part of the webinar scheduled for today but was rescheduled. I read a little bit of your book and was wondering if you had any information for start-up businesses. I am in the process of starting a payroll service business and have been stalling because of marketing, or lack of knowledge
The process of selling a product isn’t rocket science (unless you’re an aerospace engineer pitching to NASA) but it does take brains, hard work, research and value proposition that hits it out of the ballpark. First, think about what makes your idea special. This is your value
Most people start their day by grabbing the remote control, turning on the TV and checking  that day’s weather report. "There's a fifty percent chance of rain today," says the weatherman. Fifty percent? In other words, it may rain today or it may not. This is not exactly
If you were like me, when I first created those initial set of financial projections for my startup, you probably just had a slow build of revenues with month over month sales increasing. And, at some future point- 6 months, 1 year, you projected to break-even. Voila, and you thought it was that
So you’ve created and launched a survey after identifying a critical business issue that you needed addressed, now what? Your next, and final, step is to get creative in how you solve your business issue, by getting creative in how you analyze your data. The final phase of creating a
All politicians, regardless of party, cite small business creation and growth as the remedy for the country’s current economic malaise. But while candidates claim they know and support small business, what do the owners themselves have to say? A recent study co-sponsored by thumbtack and
Knowledge of the Hispanic Mindset is Greater than Political Acumen Latin Business Today discusses how Lionel Sosa and advertising agency Ed Yardang have given businesses and politicians critical insight into the Hispanic community in the U.S.

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