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Entrepreneurial guru, Michael Gerber says, “Process makes the ordinary business, extraordinary.” There’s no doubt that process can help create a sustainable, scalable business — one that can have value without the founder’s involvement. Yet many entrepreneurs
Has the Great Recession made you a better entrepreneur? Most small business owners say “Yes,” according to a new small business generational study by American Express OPEN.  A whopping 81 percent of Gen Y and 80 percent of Baby Boomer entrepreneurs say they’ve gained new
Hear from one of the country's leading small business journalists about what trends are happening right now that you, as a small business owner, should take advantage of or avoid.  Rod will offer his unique perspective as a writer who interacts with hundreds of entrepreneurs about what
Should You Start a Spinoff Business? Sometimes the best new business ideas are right under your nose. If you’re like most entrepreneurs, once you’ve got your current business at a comfortable (and profitable) level, you’ll be itching to start something new. If you’ve already added a product or service to your
The U.S. economy is slowly improving, and increased optimism is translating into greater rates of business startup. In fact, last year, U.S. entrepreneurship hit its highest level in more than 10 years, The 2012 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) U.S. Report by Babson and Baruch Colleges
In my first blogpost, I discussed the concept of the net-positive outcome as the primary driver for starting or joining an organization. People start businesses because they perceive the potential for success as receiving a net-positive combination of intrinsic and material values from the
What Really Works for Finding New Customers? Potential customers are everywhere. With today's technology, it is easier to find new customers than ever before. This infographic sponsored by Zipcar shows you the places to get the customers you need and the tools that get the best results.
Small Business and the Boston Bombings Steve Strauss, founder of, reflects on the impact of small businesses in communities in light of recent tragic events in Boston, MA.
Are you frustrated? All of us are at one time or another—but not all of us have the inspiration to channel our frustration into a business idea. Do you? If there’s something you can’t find, do or buy—a problem you can’t solve—there’s a business waiting
Small Business Speak Out: Where do I get the Capital for Growth? A look at the different venues that small business owners use to obtain capital for growth including loan approval rates and the total cost on a business, in time and money, of financing.

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