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In my previous blog, I wrote about the importance of intellectual property (IP) and the ways in which small businesses can go about protecting their own.  But often many businesses fail to recognize the importance of their intangible assets, instead overlooking them in favor of more
If you have a small business, you might think that your assets are limited to what you have on hand or can see. But the reality is that intangible assets are tied up in your business that you haven’t considered. Even if your business is just getting started, the overwhelming majority of
We continue our series on Business Protection Tips. Last week we talked about the first of five tips to address business risks from day one. Here are the rest of our 10 tips to avoid business risk: Be Cautious When Fundraising Even though there are provisions in some states that enable
It’s easy for entrepreneurs to become overwhelmed by the inordinate number of things that they have to do in a given day. It’s hard to find time for the little things, especially when you want to jump right in to big-picture tasks like product development or selling what you’ve
In last week's blog, A Guide to the S Corporation, you learned the definition, tax benefits, and requirements of an S corporation. In this blog post, you'll learn how to form an S corporation in 3 steps. Step 1. Form a corporation or LLC Corporations and LLCs are formed at the state
How to Protect and Leverage Your IP Many small business owners don’t give much thought to their intellectual property, otherwise known as IP. But it’s an area of increasing importance to many businesses. IP refers to all of the intangible assets that a business develops – product names, logos, inventions,
Of all the business entities someone could form, the S corporation is likely the most widely misunderstood. This is because the S corp is more tax designation than actual business entity. Both Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) and corporations can file to be taxed as an S corp. However, no state
This free online business workshop will help you understand the importance of business contracts. In this course, we'll identify when your company needs to use a contract, what to look for when reading a contract, and explore common business contracts used. You'll also learn what you
This free online business workshop will help you understand why you must protect your company's intellectual property. We'll identify the three vital forms of intellectual property protection and help you develop an intellectual property safeguarding strategy for your company.
To Patent or Not to Patent Top Intellectual Property (IP) Question:

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