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Summertime Fun is Good for Business Steve Strauss, founder of, gives tip for injecting some fun into your small business this summer.
The reason conflict is so important is that a team cannot achieve commitment without it.  People will NOT actively commit to a decision if they do not provide input, ask questions and UNDERSTAND the rationale behind it. Example: “If people do not weigh in, they can’t buy in.
What Makes a Good Leader? We all know the type: The man or woman who can inspire, motivate and get the best work out of people. The boss people want to work for and do good work for. In my previous role as a manager and my current role as a business owner, I still take pride in my ability to be an effective leader. But I
Great leadership is not a quality that springs up overnight. It takes time to lay the right foundation and solidify leadership qualities so that a person can make the correct decisions in tough situations without hesitation. Most people call these “gut decisions” as if someone
Martin Luther King Day is a national day of citizen action volunteer service in honor of Dr. King. I can think of no more appropriate topic than to highlight the truly inspiring community contributions of many entrepreneurs. For years I have had the privilege of hearing the quiet stories of
This time of year we’re all thinking about gifts—shopping for them, wrapping them, enjoying them. So it’s an apropos time to think about the gifts you can give your staff in the coming year. I’m not talking about holiday gifts or bonuses, but lasting gifts in the way
SMB owners have hundreds of questions they’d like answered, in order to better run their business. Does being pet-friendly give me a competitive edge over the other boutique down the street? Should I be launching new variations of my product every year, or only when I have a major change to
You can’t do it all alone! This saying is especially true in small business marketing. There are many situations where partnering with another service or company to jointly “hawk your wares” would produce better results than if you were to simply market on your own. If you
It’s sometimes hard to admit it, but as we get older we have to acknowledge that mom often did know best. With Mother’s Day just behind us, I thought it would be worth revisiting some lessons our moms taught us that can help not only in life, but also in business. Clean up. Mom
Some business owners are eager to learn what customers have to say about their company, but many may overlook an important audience for feedback: their employees. Do you know how your employees feel about your technology? Even if you suspect you might get less than satisfactory feedback on your

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