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You can’t do it all alone! This saying is especially true in small business marketing. There are many situations where partnering with another service or company to jointly “hawk your wares” would produce better results than if you were to simply market on your own. If you
It’s sometimes hard to admit it, but as we get older we have to acknowledge that mom often did know best. With Mother’s Day just behind us, I thought it would be worth revisiting some lessons our moms taught us that can help not only in life, but also in business. Clean up. Mom
Some business owners are eager to learn what customers have to say about their company, but many may overlook an important audience for feedback: their employees. Do you know how your employees feel about your technology? Even if you suspect you might get less than satisfactory feedback on your
I received an email from a frantic newbie entrepreneur using Wicked Start. Let’s call her Christine and she was scared to death about taking the leap - I could hear it in her email.  With so many challenges, should Christine quit her day job to follow her dream of starting an
Are your employees happy in their jobs, or are they looking to jump ship the first chance they get? Competing against big companies for qualified employees has never been easy for small companies. But during the recession, some entrepreneurs may have gotten complacent, confident that their staffs
Learn the best ways to prioritize your small business responsibilities and get the most out of your time by igniting your passion, engaging in new practices and emerging new ways to do business. Listen today to increase your productivity!         
Traits of a Great Employer Steve Strauss answers the question "What does it take to be a great employer? "
B2B Networking Of all the marketing tactics out there, networking is the most nebulous. We know that new contacts, new relationships are important for growth -- but how? In this webinar we’ll dive into networking with purpose. We’ll help with guidelines for effective networking in
Best Practices for Negotiation Are you a good negotiator? Negotiation is crucial to so many things we do as entrepreneurs—whether it’s making a sale, hiring an employee, choosing a location or even something as simple as dealing with the phone company. How can you become a better
OK, there are a lot of good bosses out there too! Last week I blogged about the bad bosses. This week, let's look at the good ones. Take these cues and learn from the great ones. I recently heard this great-boss story:  A woman was about to start a new job when an unexpected medical

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