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Are you braver than the average American? According to a new survey by insurance company Hiscox, the average small business owner is 17 percent more courageous than the general population. Even the fallout from the Great Recession hasn’t dampened entrepreneurs’ enthusiasm: Twice as
Google co-founder Larry Page recently announced a new parent company for many of its projects, named Alphabet. Google’s core online technology business, which includes tools like Gmail, Google Search, Android, and Maps will remain the focus of the Google brand, while its scientific research
Who Really Owns Your Company Culture? There are certain lists you never want to find yourself on, such as the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted Fugitives,” the TSA’s “No-Fly List,” and the list of America’s worst companies to work for.
Running a nonprofit takes passion, dedication, and a big heart. Whether you’re working to save endangered animals, slow climate change, or help your neighborhood prosper, it’s easy to let your mission take center stage. After all, tirelessly serving that mission is key to your
5 Keys to Resolving Workplace Conflicts When workplace feuds erupt, your business can suffer. That’s especially true at a small business since there aren’t as many other people around to pick up the slack that the warring factions create.
I have to admit that my first inclination in writing a title to this piece was “Meetings that don’t suck the life from your brain and leave you wanting to bang your head on the table”, but that title was too long and may get me in trouble.  But I am sure I am not alone (
Desarrollar un Plan de Sucesión Continuar un negocio más allá de una generación de líderes requiere planificación. Ya sea a través de acciones privadas transferidas a un gerente, o ceder el liderazgo a miembros de la familia, un plan de sucesión allana el camino para el é
My office building isn't very big. Six or seven offices with maybe 20 people total who work here. And so we don't get many visitors (the mailman's daily arrival is widely looked upon as a highlight). Yesterday, however, a friendly stranger popped his head into my office and introduced himself
7 Ways to Set a Winning Mindset in Your Business Has the mojo in your business gone missing? Did the business ever have that mojo to begin with? Have you lost out on some opportunities but aren’t quite sure why?
10 Leadership Tips and Traps for Business Owners Here’s a sobering thought that escapes many business owners and startup entrepreneurs: Even companies with valuable, innovative and cutting edge products and services stumble when strong leadership is lacking.

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