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How to Choose the Right Backup System for Your Small Business If you’ve ever lost business data to a hard drive crash to virus, you know how important regular computer backup is. Here’s a closer look at small business backup solutions and how to decide what’s right for you.
How much can technology power up your business? The answer might surprise you. In a study performed by the Boston Consulting Group for Microsoft, small and midsized companies that led in adoption of technology increased annual sales 15 percentage points faster than companies that didn’t
Podcast: Computer Loss Prevention The SCORE Small Business Success Podcast features interviews with the best and brightest in the world of small business, covering topics such as business plans, financing, marketing, human resources, SEO, social media and more. In this podcast, SCORE mentors chat with David Spire 
How to Choose a Web Development Team If you do not have the in-house expertise needed to create your own website, one option to consider is hiring an outside Web development team. This typically includes the Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Programmer and the Internet Marketing Consultant.Use this checklist to assess each
Computer Security a Growing Problem for Small Biz It’s called cyber security, Internet security, data theft or a variety of other names. But whatever you call it, the problem is growing for small businesses of all kinds. From t-shirt makers, medical offices and wine shops, to sporting goods stores, dog kennels and non-profits, small
SEO 201: Q&A with Jim Christian, Director of Global SEO at GoDaddy Search Engine Optimization (SEO) In SEO 101, we talked about the basics of search engine optimization, or SEO. What is it? Why does it matter so much to the success of your business, both online and off? How much do you need to invest to improve your search rankings? That’s all important
Top 5 Ways to Prevent a Cyber Attack Do you know how companies are cyber attacked? Do you realize that 60% of all small businesses are attacked? 
Second Hand Office Equipment Due to cost restraints and limited resources, many SMB owners look to eBay and Craigslist to purchase and sell their office equipment. As more SMBs buy refurbished tech devices from these online market places, they need to be aware of the risks and vulnerabilities as well as
Brother International Corporation joins forces with SCORE for 5th Annual Small Business Survey   As a corporate sponsor of SCORE this year, we asked the organization to team up with us on our 5th Annual Brother™ Small Business Survey as a way to better understand what is on the
Inkjet or laser? Single-function or multifunction?  Color or black & white? Printers are a necessity for almost every business. What may seem like a minor investment could cost you more in the long run if you don’t make the right selection. But how do you choose?  With the

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