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The mobile revolution is in full swing, so it should be no surprise that approximately 28 percent of the visitors to your website are coming via a mobile device. But can potential buyers find your site when searching via mobile? When they do arrive, is your website optimized to help them
In the past five years, smartphones have gone from being a novelty to being ubiquitous. Mobile is no longer the future; it is very much the present. According to new estimates from eMarketer, mobile shopping is having a huge impact in the e-commerce world and has contributed to an increasing
It’s something every surfer knows: the feeling that comes with riding a big wave. Sometimes, when running a small business, you manage to achieve that same feeling. You catch a surge in demand and ride it with skill, style, even artistry. It can be exhilarating. One of the biggest waves
Become a Mobile Marketing Master The smartphone is changing how consumers make buying decisions. With just a few taps, you can find a contractor, schedule an appointment, or make a purchase and have it shipped to your house. Mobile commerce is so quick and easy that eMarketer™ predicts that more than 77 percent
If you or an employee loses a smartphone or it’s snatched by a thief, what damage could it do to your company? Think about it. These devices may hold sensitive data about your customers or emails about important deals. They may even store passwords to your mobile banking service and other
Is your small business going mobile? If so, you’re in the majority according to a new study by Constant Contact. The survey found the majority of small businesses use mobile solutions or apps to market to their customers, and also use mobile apps to run their businesses better. What
SCORE Tip of the Week: How to Pick a Cloud Services Provider David DeArmond of Baton Rouge SCORE gives advice for evaluating cloud storage services.
Small Business, Big Mobile Tactics Christine Birkner of the American Marketing Association offers tips for small businesses looking to get started with mobile marketing.
Health and Beauty: Marketing Trends to Adopt Now Learn how two hot new marketing trends—mobile marketing and daily deals—can help you attract and keep customers.
Bar and Restaurant: Adopt New Marketing Trends Learn how two hot new marketing trends—mobile marketing and daily deals—can help you attract and keep customers.

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