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If your business is in the B2B (business-to-business) marketing space, chances are you are underestimating the potential of mobile marketing. B2C (business-to-consumer) marketers have been much more aggressive and innovative at using mobile marketing to reach consumers – but for whatever
Time and time again, you’ve read that mobile is huge. Three, four, five years ago – you were told to make mobile a key part of your business strategy because that’s where your customers were. Today,  nearly two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone, and 19% of Americans rely
SCORE recently released an infographic that provides tips on mobile marketing. 64% of decision makers read email on their phones, so learning mobile marketing strategies is critical to success. Small business owners must ensure their websites are optimized for mobile viewing,
Consumers are busy and need to find information quickly and easily on the go. Mobile devices have made it easier for people to access information at their fingertips. In order to remain competitive, small businesses should have a mobile marketing strategy to reach new customers, generate new
Infographic: Mobile Marketing Did you know that 64% of decision makers read email on their phones? And, 60% use their smartphone in the store. Learn more about mobile marketing in this SCORE infographic.
Making Your Bar or Restaurant Website Mobile Friendly Download this article and learn how to make your bar or restaurant website mobile friendly.
Are you still using a 1990s-era flip phone? If so, you could be wasting time, losing money and hurting your business’s productivity. A new survey, 2014 AT&T-SBE Council Small Business Technology Poll, reports small business owners who use smartphones are saving a collective 1.24
Has your small business gone mobile yet? I’m talking, of course, about mobile technology—the hottest development in technology and marketing. The number of small businesses adopting mobile technology has increased significantly since last year, according to Constant Contact: 77
SEO 201: Q&A with Jim Christian, Director of Global SEO at GoDaddy Search Engine Optimization (SEO) In SEO 101, we talked about the basics of search engine optimization, or SEO. What is it? Why does it matter so much to the success of your business, both online and off? How much do you need to invest to improve your search rankings? That’s all important
Making Your Website Work! When You're Online, You’re in Business When Your Online, Your in Business. Start Blogging, Get a Website and Be Social in order to be in business 24/7. This infographic sponsored by Zipcar shows you how to get the customers you need and the tools that get the best results.

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