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Fight Back Against Cyber Threats Help secure your electronic and mobile devices — and protect your bottom line!
What are the chances of a cyber thief attacking your company? After all, they target big corporations with top-secret proprietary data or millions of credit card numbers, right? Why would they waste time going after a small business with, say, six employees? What’s the point? The point
Many small business owners think of computer security as a defensive measure. But I firmly believe a strong defense can help a company improve its overall game. It not only helps protect a business from catastrophe, but it can also make employees more productive. To illustrate my point, here
If you or an employee loses a smartphone or it’s snatched by a thief, what damage could it do to your company? Think about it. These devices may hold sensitive data about your customers or emails about important deals. They may even store passwords to your mobile banking service and other
As a small business owner, you’ve probably heard about the dangers of cyber crime. You even may have taken some steps against IT threats, like installing anti-virus software. You know your company isn’t 100% protected, but it’s probably reasonably safe … right? Wrong.
Top 10 Internet Security Tips for Small Business High-speed Internet, interconnected mobile, desktop and laptop devices along with web-based tools and digital applications are making small firms more productive than ever.  But all that online speed and efficiency can come at a stiff price if your website, financial information, social
SCORE Tip of the Week: How to Pick a Cloud Services Provider David DeArmond of Baton Rouge SCORE gives advice for evaluating cloud storage services.
Have a Defense Ready when Disaster Strikes Ever thought about what you’d do if disaster struck your town, or more specifically your business? Maybe you think it could never happen to you.  Tim McCreery, the CEO of WildPackets in San Francisco, used to feel that way – that is,
Public Internet connections are convenient but potentially risky if you don’t take a few precautions. Walk into any coffee shop or hotel lobby and you’ll witness one of the most obvious signs of our times: People of all ages and vocations browsing the web and checking email from
AVG Security Tips: e-Commerce Safety Learn how to identify malware and hijacking scams with AVG Security Tips.

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