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How to Keep Private Info Online, Well, Private The media had a ball in 2014 shining the spotlight on corporations like Home Depot, Target, Sony and now Anthem — all that fell prey to hackers and exposed millions of customers’ and employees’ private data. No doubt, big companies spend tens of thousands of dollars each year to
So you know you need a website refresh but you are dragging your feet…  A few years ago you spent $5,000 and your business results really did not change significantly.  You are getting lots of advice from other entrepreneurs (and website service providers) telling you to
What You Need To Know About Websites It’s the rare small business today that can afford to be without a website. But simply having an online presence is not enough. To be fully effective, a small business website should be a continuous two-way conduit of information between you and your customers. Strong connections lead to
How Does Your Small Business Website Stack Up Against 3 Top Website Design Trends of 2014? Are you satisfied with the state of your small business website? Do you feel so confident about how your site looks and performs -- on desktop and mobile -- that you’re ready to file it under “project complete” and catch a few more z’s in the morning? Although keeping your
Tips for E-Commerce Success on Etsy and Beyond If you’re a small business owner who makes physical products but who has never sold online, Etsy is a great place to get your feet wet. This popular online marketplace helps sellers of handcrafted, vintage, or unique factory-made products connect with interested buyers. Once you’re
Infographic: Customer-Friendly Websites Did you know just 51% of small businesses have websites? And many of those do not have customer-friendly websites and are missing out on valuable opportunities to engage clients and convert visitors to sales. Learn more about small business website trends in this SCORE infographic.
This month's SCORE Infographic has gathered statistics on small business websites and how customers are using them. Customer-friendly websites.The critical storefront for small businesses. 97% of consumers search online for products and services. 70% compared prices or read reviews
Small business owners wear multiple hats when operating a business but then some tasks often end up getting outsourced. Website development can get technically challenging and its one of those projects that almost every small business owner chooses to outsource. A client once told me, “I
By now, you know that social media is a power player in the game of search engine optimization (SEO), with seven of the top 10 ranking factors now involving social media. People talking about what you do on Facebook, Google+ and other social networks, and linking to the amazing content on your
Have you ever considered your blog as a tool for lead generation and boosting revenues? Small business blogs are a great asset – nearly 40 percent of U.S. companies use blogs for marketing purposes and 92 percent of companies who blogged multiple times a day acquired a customer through

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