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Customers are putting up barriers around traditional communications channels. In their personal and professional lives, fewer and fewer customers answer their phones or open (much less respond to) emails. Consumers are now trained to ignore pop-up and banner ads, and to quickly sniff out content
It’s no secret that social media can be a great tool for small businesses. It’s inexpensive, versatile and you can reach out to your customers and potential target audiences in one shot. But with so many options today and constantly changing technology, businesses need do more to
Is anyone on Google+? Will social media even make a dent in my bottom line? What time of day should I post to get maximum exposure? As January winds to a close, we wrap up our focus on social media this month with an infographic that sums up the key takeaways for a small business owner looking to
2013 Small Business Social Media Trends Infographic Find out which social media trends were on the rise in 2013 and how social media can help your small business in 2014.
It can be a chore to figure out how best to utilize social media platforms. And as your social media presence grows, that chore can turn into a serious drain on your time and effort if you don’t currently have a strong strategy in place. If you’re one of the many small business owners
In a recent SCORE LIVE webinar, “Why it Pays to be Likeable- 7 Simple Social Media Concepts to Drive Results,” Dave Kerpen of Likeable Local shared tips from his book “Likeable Social Media” on how to drive results for your business using these online platforms. On the
Strategies for Internet Marketing and Social Media For so many entrepreneurs, social media is still a complete mystery when it comes to generating business. How do you build a social media presence, then use it attract followers and - more importantly - customers?  
Designate a social media person or committee.  This person(s) will need to regularly monitor and be set up to respond quickly to any requests or complaints. This person will also be in charge of communications quality and training for the rest of your staff. Who is your audience?
It’s clear, social media is no longer an option for businesses. Any progressive marketing campaign is today infused with a social media plan tailored to complement a company’s personality, products, messaging and, most important, the personality of its clients. Social media gives a
If you use Facebook, Twitter or any of the multitudes of networking sites that exist online, then you know the power of social media. It can be a great tool for your small business – from spreading the word about your latest offer to corresponding with others in your industry. You may

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