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8 Top Social Media Tips Back when I started my business, social media was just starting to gain in popularity. “What’s a tweet?” I remember thinking. How quickly have things changed in just a few years? There are now over 2 billion social media users worldwide! More than half (52 percent) of
By now you’ve probably read about the “Target troll” who created a fake Target Customer Service account on Facebook, complete with the company’s bulls-eye logo. Inspired by angry customers complaining about the company’s plan to remove “Boy’s” and
If you had any doubts that small business owners have wholeheartedly adopted social media marketing, the seventh annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report should dispel them. A whopping 96 percent of the marketers, business owners and sole proprietors Social Media Examiner surveyed use social
You've probably heard about the growing trend of "crowdfunding." What exactly is it and could it work for your small business? In the SCORE podcast on Crowdfunding, Maryann O'Neil and John Montelione demystify this popular form of alternative financing. They are the co-founders of a crowdfunding
It seems small business owners’ use of social media as a marketing tool may be stalling. According to the most recent American Express OPEN Small Business Monitor, over 40 percent of U.S. small business owners don’t use social media for their businesses. What’s more, the
12 Twitter Activation Tips for Small Business What if you had a way to tap into the thoughts and feelings of some of your customers – and could do it in real time. Might that be valuable?
In 2011, the Get Your Business Online program, along with partners like SCORE, set out to help businesses get found online. After going to every state in the U.S. and working with thousands of business owners, we realized there’s a lot more work to do to help businesses take advantage of the vast
Great Ways to Grow Your Social Media Following For small businesses, social media is becoming more important all the time as a way to get noticed, build a brand and attract and engage with customers and prospects. 
4 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Connect to International Clients For most small business owners, establishing an international presence is an important rite of passage. After all, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration, more than 96 percent of the world’s consumers live outside of the U.S. That’s a huge customer base just waiting to
Is it really possible to make money from social media? This has become a hot topic as more businesses plan to increase their online advertising budgets. The answer is yes – you can see a positive return on investment from social media marketing. However, it will not be done by just

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