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Advertising works because of a combination of things: Relevancy of your message. Reaching the right target audience(s) Frequency - reaching the target audience enough times so they'll have an opportunity to see your ad and perhaps act on it. Timing – is your ad message
Is advertising the best marketing tactic to use?  (Or would something else work better?) Do you want to create an ad campaign or just an ad? Where do you want to advertise? (locally, regionally, nationally, online only) What's your ad budget? Is that enough to do an
Smart marketers don’t typically turn to traditional advertising as a lead generation tactic. It’s not that TV, print or radio advertisements don’t work; it simply takes time and persistence to get in front of the right people and convert them into a lead. However, with the
Remember the old days (three years ago), when you could pay for a Yellow Page ad and call it done?  People who were referred to your business or looking for what you were selling or offering could find you in the Yellow Pages.  It’s very different online.  There isn’t
Conventional advertising whether through print or digital ads can be intimidating and expensive for many small businesses. But there are some “creative” alternatives to getting the word out that have big reach with relatively little investment: Daily Deals:
Should your small business advertise? Many people assume that marketing and advertising are the same thing, but they are not. Advertising is one tool among many tactics that might warrant a place in your marketing toolkit and can help remind customers about your business, call attention to new
If you are still calling yourself a “Social Media Expert” then you’re announcing to the world that you have been left behind. If you’re an expert in Facebook or Twitter, you’re trying to build a house restricted to only one tool. Social media has been an amazing
Annual Marketing Budget Template Use this template to plan your business' annual marketing budget.
Business Signs are a Great Marketing Tool You might be missing a golden opportunity if you don't have a business sign.

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