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Hands Across the Water – The Joys of Cross-Cultural Marketing It would be cliché to begin by saying that we are in a global economy. Everyone knows that, with the possible exception of the tin-foil hat crowd. Successful marketing strategies in this de facto global economy require a symphonic approach, otherwise, a cacophony will result and failure is
Your biggest fans spend 13% more and refer 45% additional value in new business. This was one (of many) fun facts I learned last week at a presentation by Influitive at the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit. So what is advocate marketing? Advocate marketing is akin to customer
Great Marketing That Makes Money For most companies, there are ways to turn marketing efforts into profit centers. Of course, every situation and every company is different. Creative marketing solutions do not apply across the board. But in all cases, it pays to think outside the box. I like racking my brains to think of ways
What if your business dashboard looked like this? Would you have any idea where to look first? How one gauge affected another? Whether you were, in fact, getting to your destination? Sadly in this day of numbers overload, we often drive our businesses based on a plethora of vanity metrics
Marketing Assessment Tool A quick and easy survey to determine the effectiveness of your business' marketing strategy.
The How-to of Video Marketing Are you excited and intrigued by video marketing yet don’t know where or how to start?  Are you overwhelmed by the perceived high costs of time, technology and money to create video?  Join this webinar and discover how you can use the power of video
Word of Click Steve Strauss, founder of, explains how "word of mouth" marketing has evolved.
SCORE Tip of the Week: How to Cash in on Summer Events SCORE's CEO, Kenneth R. Yancey, offers advice for getting the most marketing potential out of seasonal events.
Marketing Research on a Shoestring for Small Business Learn about low cost ways to conduct marketing research.
How Operations and Logistics Can Create Marketing Opportunities Learn about maximizing the operations and logistics of your business.

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