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Do you remember what it's like to ride a rollercoaster? The anticipation as you strap yourself into your seat. The excitement and anxiety you feel as you're slowly taken to the top.  At the end of your ride you're breathless. The wait in line was worth it.  Have you ever
How to Market With Online Videos Marketing with online videos offers several advantages to your small business. Adding videos to your website increases its chances of being found by search engines, which will boost your site’s ranking in search results. Videos are also highly likely to be shared by users via email,
How to Market With Blogs Using blogs to market your small business can help you raise awareness of your brand, attract new customers, get media attention and drive sales. Here’s how to market your business with blogs. Connect with a mentor to come up with a plan that works for you.
There are 1.4 million non-profits (tax exempt) in the United States today. And, 61% have annual revenues under $100,000. Non-profits are using savvy marketing to further their mission. 7% have revenue of $100K-$250K 4% have revenue of $250K-$500K 3% have revenue of $500K-$1M 4% have
Last week we had an amazing turnout of hundreds of business owners with over 300 marketing related questions. While I regretfully could not get to everyone’s questions, I did try and whittle down responses to the most important considerations and tips to get entrepreneurs off and running
Often after a conference or when there is a slump in business, an owner of a professional services firm sees the value in having regular client communications via a newsletter. Unfortunately this idea often plays out as follows: The “perfect few” – Full of optimism, the
Client newsletters are an important part of the marketing mix, especially in the case of professional services firms. With newsletters you can stay “top of mind” with a light, unobtrusive touch by reminding clients and prospects of your expertise and value. But what do you write
During the month of April, the public can vote for their favorite small business videos and help small businesses transform the challenges they face into successful opportunities. Winning businesses receive great prizes and free publicity to improve their small business productivity. BizClips
"Prepare ship for ludicrous speed! Fasten all seatbelts, seal all entrances and exits, close all shops in the mall, cancel the three ring circus, and secure all animals in the zoo!" - Colonel Sandurz, Spaceballs (1987) Is your business prepared for ludicrous speed? If not, fasten
These days, the Internet is all about interaction. Simple, text-only sites have fallen by the wayside in favor of catchy videos and graphics. You need to engage your audience in order to keep them from skimming over your pages or leaving your site altogether. How? One word: video. You might

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