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When it comes to online marketing, are you wondering if there's something that you're missing? Wondering if there's something you could be doing better? No worries. You're not alone. From domain names to websites to social media, many small business owners worry that they're
Marketing Tips for Realtors Online Strategies to Increase Your Brand Visibility and Attract Customers. Realtors often find themselves in extremely crowded marketplaces with lots of competition making it challenging to establish a customer base, build credibility and differentiate themselves from the long-standing realtors
Four Easy Steps to Sell Online If you’re thinking of setting up an e-commerce store, it’s never been a better time as U.S. online retail sales are expected to grow 57 percent by 2018. Here are some key tips you can use when starting to sell online:
Recently, Google updated its algorithms to favor websites that look and perform better on mobile devices, making them appear higher on search results. If you find this disconcerting, Google may actually be doing you a favor by forcing you to implement a mobile website. The reality is that today
Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Brian Edmondson, an author, speaker, and Founder/CEO of Internet Income Coach, an online business training and education company that shows business owners how to get more traffic, subscribers, and sales. Since
How to Drive Business Success Through Personal Branding In today’s highly social marketplace, the brand you develop for your business may not be the only brand that affects your business. Entrepreneurs are realizing that they are visibly connected to their business more than ever, and developing their own personal brand online can help to engage
Social Marketing: Enhancing Social Networks for Small- Business Marketing The world is engaging more and more in social media, and that includes your customers and, more importantly, your potential customers. You may be active on social media personally, but how can you engage in social media marketing to support your business goals and raise awareness about your brand
This free online business workshop will help you identify your company's target market by demographic, psychographic, behavioristic profiles as well as addressing other market segmentation techniques. Apply these strategies to your business or business idea with the worksheets provided in the
This free online workshop will help you learn tools that will enable you to promote your business more effectively through grassroots marketing, public relations, promotions, trade shows, and word-of-mouth techniques. In this course we'll also examine the marketing campaigns of
This free online business workshop will discuss one-on-one marketing tactics and personalization strategies, provide case studies of innovative, successful companies, help you develop your own strategy.  

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