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Does your small business have a website? That’s great, but it’s not enough anymore. Putting up a website and passively waiting for customers to discover it means you’re basically doing the bare minimum. Being online in itself isn’t enough, according to a recent survey
Where do I start? How do I stay focused on the most important tasks? What are the best low cost, no cost marketing tactics? How much do I need for a marketing budget realistically? How do I determine who is my target market? How do I encourage WOM (word of mouth) or get something to
Over the last couple of months, more than 250 new domain name extensions – known as new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) — have joined .com, .net and other domains businesses and consumers have come to rely on. It’s expected that more than 1,500 new gTLDs will go live by the
Add Online Marketing to List of Services Social Media Case Study: Moats Kennedy SCORE and MassMutual know how important it is to get good advice. That is why, for SCORE’s 50th anniversary, we are sharing helpful, relevant, and succinct tips for your business success. The tips are based on real-life
Marketing is such a broad topic. It encompasses advertising, social media, search engine optimization, content development, email, public relations, and so much more! As a small business owner, you likely have many questions on creating or improving your marketing strategy. SCORE & Jeanne
What Do New gTLDs Mean for Your Business? Over the next few years, .com, .net and the other domains business and consumers have come to rely on will be joined by thousands of new domain name extensions. What exactly do these domain extensions – known as new gTLDs (generic Top Level Domains) — mean for your business?
We all know loyal customers are gold. It is easier and cheaper to sell to them. They are worth roughly 10 times the value of their first purchase. And they are likely to be your best source for new sales leads. Often email marketing is the most efficient way to stay in touch with existing
How Will New gTLDs Impact Small Business? Over the next couple of years, domain standards like .com, .net and .org will be joined by potentially thousands of new domain extensions - also known as new gTLDs (generic top-level domains) — like .ninja and .photography.  What do these new gTLDs mean for small businesses and
Invoices may seem boring and utilitarian, but they can be powerful customer communication vehicles: You can be almost certain your customers will open and read it. Invoices are often regular and expected communications that will float to the top of your customer’s ever-deepening
Creating content for their websites has suddenly become a “must” for small business  owners. This Webinar will explain: Why creating content is critical for small business owners How creating content can help your search engine rankings Creating content: Should

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