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How to Monitor and Respond to Reviews of Your Bar or Restaurant Learn the best ways to monitor and respond to online reviews of your bar or restaurant.
Designing Your Restaurant’s Website Getting the right look for your bar or restaurant website so it attracts customers, informs them about what you offer, and keeps them engaged can be challenging. These days, there are more and more bells and whistles you can add to your site to stay on the cutting edge. Mark Drake, CEO of imSMB.
This presentation will provide a deeper look into the importance and effectiveness of using email marketing with social media engagement to drive action. At the heart of small business marketing are the campaigns that drive action – collections of marketing activities that help a small
Online advertising can be an excellent tactic for systematically growing your business. Due to the ability to target exact audiences and measure clicks and conversions, you can acquire a steady stream of brand new prospects – if done well. If done sloppily or with the wrong vendor, you
Three Reasons Why Email Marketing is Still Good Business Why should you still invest in email marketing in the age of Twitter and LinkedIn? How about because email still reigns as king of digital communication? According to Forrester Research, 838 BILLION emails were sent last year. That’s nearly three times the number of stars in the Milky Way!
How to Choose a Web Hosting Company Most small businesses use outside Web hosting companies to host their websites. Here are the most important factors to consider when selecting a Web hosting service. Need to brainstorm? Discuss with a mentor today.
If you’ve been on the fence about building a website for your business, there’s no reason to wait any longer. In this webinar sponsored by Verisign, you’ll learn about the essentials of a website, how to approach the process, and get a live, hands-on demonstration building a
Why Phone Calls are the New Click Surge in Mobile Search Fuels More Customer Calls Pop quiz:  What’s better for your bottom line, online clicks or a phone that rings? For most small business owners, a ringing phone trumps digital clicks or the far more amorphous measure of online “impressions” from, say,
The First 5 Things To Do After Getting Your Business Online Whether it was a Facebook page or a website, you’ve finally done it: your business is online and searchable to millions of potential customers and partners. You’re proud, but a little uneasy about the next steps. You’re not alone.
There are 1.4 million non-profits (tax exempt) in the United States today. And, 61% have annual revenues under $100,000. Non-profits are using savvy marketing to further their mission. 7% have revenue of $100K-$250K 4% have revenue of $250K-$500K 3% have revenue of $500K-$1M 4% have

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