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11 Ways to Improve Small Business Selling Skills No matter how skilled (or unskilled) you think you or others in your business are at selling, there are probably ways to improve. Things change. Your business might need to fine tune or perhaps overhaul its approach to selling.
Prepping For a Holiday Sales Surge The holidays are coming. And if you are like many merchants, you’ll earn a big chunk of your annual revenue in the span of a few weeks or months. 
Lots of small business owners like to give themselves the job title of “CEO” or “President,” but the truth is, as a small business owner, your first job title at your company needs to be “sales person.” If you don’t feel comfortable doing sales, it’
Let me ask you a question. Are you planning on buying a refrigerator today? How about a phone … or a root canal … or a new pair of underwear? I may not know you, and yet I’m confident that the answer to these questions is No, No, No and Watch it, mister.
I was researching software the other day when I came across an interesting way of making a sale that stopped me in my tracks (no pun intended). The website for time tracking software provider Toggl shows three levels of product pricing—but they put the most expensive level first (check it
Whether you run a retail store, restaurant or service business, one thing your customers all have in common is that they want to save time. And, since time is money, you want to save time too, right? Here are 10 ideas for ways you can save your customers (and yourself) time at the point of sale
I have two questions for you, both based on the following, hypothetical situation: Suppose I told you that in my spare time, I had developed a solution to one of your biggest life problems – the kind of problem that literally keeps you up at night. I don’t know … maybe I
Selling is dead. Traditional selling does not work. Today's customers, be they millennials or baby boomers, are drowning in marketing and advertising noise. They're drowned in sales pitches. How can your small business compete? Join entrepreneur and best selling author Ramon Ray as he
Whether you are still the main sales engine for your business or you have a sales team of 14 people selling in the field, or your sales all happen online, attend this powerful 1 hour web training on exactly how to build and refine your sales system.   You’ll learn how to
Spring is finally here and, customers are emerging from their cocoons as small business traffic picks up. “Spring specials” are everywhere and there’s a land grab when it comes to attracting your customers’ attention. To stand out and inspire them to engage with you, you’ll need to “spring

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