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Eighty-eight percent of rapidly growing small and midsize businesses use social media. If you’re reading this blog post, you’re probably one of them! As we wrap up our set of infographics covering content marketing best practices (see parts one and two), it’s time to think about
Social media is often the most affordable marketing tool available to small businesses. Businesses have hopes of gaining tons of followers and generating new business. Unfortunately, you may not be getting your desired results because you may be making one or all of the following social media
Social media management has become a typical task for small business owners. But while you’re expected to tweet, snap, or post, it takes strategy to turn those surface-level connections into loyal customers you can count on. The secret to social media success is to use it as the start of
You may have heard that blogging will increase brand exposure and potentially grow your customer base. But how exactly does that work? When you blog consistently, you are creating fresh content more often than just updating your website once every few months. Every time you post new content on
Social media marketing is hard, particularly for small and medium sized businesses. In this dynamic one-hour session, Jim Tobin, CEO of Ignite Social Media will share practical tips for using social media to drive real business results, without a huge budget. Ignite Social Media work with many
Putting Your Video Together In part 4 of our getting started with video series, we'll take a look at some tips for putting together all of your photos and videos to make a professional video to promote your business.
Social media is a content distribution and management tool that works through the virtual social environment. It’s a process of communication and content distribution that’s constantly evolving.  Back in the day, content/messages were delivered using pigeons. A more
How do you know that your engagement strategy with your fan base works effectively? When your customers love something, they often connect to their favorite social media platform and share their experience, which is an important stamp of approval. They tell a brand story and share a brand
Do you feel overwhelmed by the pressure to create social media content for your business? Do you stare helplessly at the Twitter app on your phone, unsure of what to tweet next? Social media overload and burnout are common for small business owners. The many tasks of the day, from customer
8 Top Social Media Tips Back when I started my business, social media was just starting to gain in popularity. “What’s a tweet?” I remember thinking. How quickly have things changed in just a few years? There are now over 2 billion social media users worldwide! More than half (52 percent) of

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