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My first business smashed through all of the sales records in our industry. I’ll share with you our secret to success: I had a CRM (Customer Relationship Management System). It’s amazing how people open their wallets to buy your product or service when they feel like you are
Yes, that’s a snazzy way to say social media. However, this post is not going to navigate the nuances of the Facebook timeline format or teach you how to compose the perfect tweet to attract millions of followers. That stuff actually doesn’t matter one bit. Success comes from
When it comes to sales, customer service is the issue that can make or break your business, but the 2012 American Express Global Customer Service Barometer shows businesses are increasingly failing to live up to customers’ service expectations. When businesses fall short, more customers are
Research has shown that customers choose to work with someone who responds quickly and who listens to their inquiry without going straight into the hard sales pitch. How are you capturing that customer lead and listening for your lead conversion process? Here are 3 Easy Steps you can start
If you’re a startup owner and you want people to find you, then social media must be a solid part of your strategy for attracting and retaining customers. Think about it, how often do you use Google or another search engine to find a business? The more online presence your company has, the
Every small business knows that your life blood is your customers, but why do we find it so hard to find and keep good customers?  Perhaps it’s the differing perspective between you and your customer about what makes a good customer.         
Do they work? What to pick? First, what is the difference? Case studies are actually a qualitative research technique and consist of in-depth, detailed descriptions of a customer situation, the problem and the process by which the problem was addressed. Testimonials can be any type of accolade
Learn to Foster Customer Loyalty When customers can easily comparison shop online with a few mouse clicks, the notion of loyalty seems almost old fashioned. Your best customers are someone else’s most sought-after prospects. Big companies have adopted a fancy term for addressing the
Create Client Valued Content Summary: Regular, meaningful contact with customers and prospects should be the engine for generating new business for your company.   What? Quality Content that is Relevant and Useful Quality content is critical. You have one chance (maybe two)
Save Time and Build Relationships Summary: Regular, meaningful contact with customers and prospects should be the engine for generating new business for your company. This series of posts provides a guideline to quickly create a customer contact plan for your business.   When? Regular

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