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Do you still rely on only a spreadsheet or basic database to track who your customers are and what and when they buy from you? As your business grows, are your data management tools growing with you? The process of manually researching, maintaining and interpreting these kinds of customer records
One of the questions that I would always ask in my small business classes when we got to the session dealing with sales was this:  When I say to you the word “Salesperson” what emotions or thoughts come to your mind?  Almost ninety percent of the time I would get comments
When it comes to small-business marketing, the focus has largely shifted to online outlets—with good reason. Email and social-media channels enable high-impact, cost-effective messaging. However, it’s important that your online efforts stay rooted in marketing basics. Here’s
I spoke with an entrepreneur last year who lived through a nightmare situation: A customer posted a scathing review of his business on Yelp, which caused sales to plummet to such a degree that he had to lay off staff. A year after the incident, his business was only beginning to recover. A
Upfront on the homepage of her website, Rebecca Twitchell describes her company, Half Full LLC, and her better customer: half full believes that if you combine the right attitude, an effective process and an inspiring environment, you can create and accomplish any goals you have set
Developing Your Positioning Marketing Strategy “Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.” - Anton Chekhov Developing a position marketing strategy is determining exactly what “positioning” is and why it is important. According to Wikipedia,
It’s the season to be thankful, and as a small business owner, I bet one thing you’re thankful for this year is your customers. After all, without them, you couldn’t make a profit, grow your business or achieve your dreams of independence and freedom. But do you let your
“I have the best customers in the world so it’s tough to pick favorites!” gushed Trish Moynihan, owner of the Big Frog franchise in Cumming, Georgia. Big Frog began as a custom t-shirt shop in Tampa, Florida. But with new printing technology, the company takes the concept of
Understanding How YOUR Customer Thinks Understanding customers is so important that large corporations spend millions of dollars annually on market research to gain this knowledge. Although formal research is important, a small business can usually avoid this expense. Typically, the owner or
This week, we’re taking a look into the future of marketing at the FutureM Conference in Boston, Massachusetts. What’s FutureM? It’s five days of planning, debating, and celebrating the future of marketing, and is an event that brings together some seriously innovative minds

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