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Branded holiday gifts serve a dual purpose. This gesture of your thanks and appreciation for clients’ business in 2013 also is a tangible reminder of your company, which improves client retention and encourages them to reach out to you again in 1Q 2014. It may still seem too early to
Last week I attended the DAA (Digital Analytics Association) Philadelphia Symposium at the University of Pennsylvania. The concluding talk was by Wharton Professor Peter Fader entitled “How Can Customer Centricity Be Profitable?” The idea is that not all customers are the same and we
Small business owners are missing out on opportunities to grow sales, build customer loyalty and cement customer relationships because they’re not taking advantage of social media and the web to promote their businesses, reports the Consumer and Small Business Perception Survey.
Online Reviews of Your Business Steve Strauss, founder of, explains why online reviews are so important to your business and the best ways to manage them.
More than ever, shoppers start their purchase process online. From big ticket items like automobiles to inexpensive items like shampoo, most people research online before buying. Customer reviews are one important way for shoppers to learn more about your business, products and services before
Do you still rely on only a spreadsheet or basic database to track who your customers are and what and when they buy from you? As your business grows, are your data management tools growing with you? The process of manually researching, maintaining and interpreting these kinds of customer records
One of the questions that I would always ask in my small business classes when we got to the session dealing with sales was this:  When I say to you the word “Salesperson” what emotions or thoughts come to your mind?  Almost ninety percent of the time I would get comments
When it comes to small-business marketing, the focus has largely shifted to online outlets—with good reason. Email and social-media channels enable high-impact, cost-effective messaging. However, it’s important that your online efforts stay rooted in marketing basics. Here’s
I spoke with an entrepreneur last year who lived through a nightmare situation: A customer posted a scathing review of his business on Yelp, which caused sales to plummet to such a degree that he had to lay off staff. A year after the incident, his business was only beginning to recover. A
Upfront on the homepage of her website, Rebecca Twitchell describes her company, Half Full LLC, and her better customer: half full believes that if you combine the right attitude, an effective process and an inspiring environment, you can create and accomplish any goals you have set

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