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How to Create Customers who Really Care Achieving breakout success as a small business in today’s highly competitive and increasingly complex business world requires exceptional efforts to develop clients and customers who rave about your company, and are willing to tell others. Failing to delight customers is more than a shame
6 Ways to Use Social Media for Customer Service Customers – and, yes, that means YOUR customers, too – are spending more time on social media and mobile devices than ever before. As a result, small business owners are increasingly using social media as a way to not just communicate with customers, but to provide various forms of
If you use Facebook, Twitter or any of the multitudes of networking sites that exist online, then you know the power of social media. It can be a great tool for your small business – from spreading the word about your latest offer to corresponding with others in your industry. You may
Do you get nervous when it’s time to negotiate? Whether it’s a sale, a contract with a supplier or a deal with a strategic partner, negotiating is essential to small business success. But if you’re negotiating with someone you hope to create a lasting relationship with—
I could just tell you to subscribe to industry publications and join trade associations. They are very valuable, so do those things. However, I will tell you a little about why being part of these organizations and volunteering for professional organizations and other not-for-profits can help
Heading into year-end and the busy holiday shopping season, how are small business owners feeling? Very optimistic, according to the Q3 LegalZoom/Kauffman Startup Confidence Index. A whopping 86 percent of entrepreneurs polled are “very confident” their companies will be more
In the spirit of the holidays, many businesses want to show appreciation for their customers via special communications or gifts. But often these actions either get lost in the holiday hustle bustle, or misinterpreted as marketing gimmicks. Here are a few tips to make your efforts truly
Let’s face it, online businesses live in an environment that does not encourage customer relationships, or build loyalty as easily as a brick and mortar store can. However, it can be done. Look to the online success stories to model what they have done. (Amazon and L.L. Bean created a fan
Branded holiday gifts serve a dual purpose. This gesture of your thanks and appreciation for clients’ business in 2013 also is a tangible reminder of your company, which improves client retention and encourages them to reach out to you again in 1Q 2014. It may still seem too early to
Last week I attended the DAA (Digital Analytics Association) Philadelphia Symposium at the University of Pennsylvania. The concluding talk was by Wharton Professor Peter Fader entitled “How Can Customer Centricity Be Profitable?” The idea is that not all customers are the same and we

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