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Great leadership is not a quality that springs up overnight. It takes time to lay the right foundation and solidify leadership qualities so that a person can make the correct decisions in tough situations without hesitation. Most people call these “gut decisions” as if someone
SCORE Tip of the Week: How to Be a Good Networker SCORE's CEO, Kenneth R. Yancey, gives tips for maximizing your networking efforts.
Signs You Are A Good Leader Steve Strauss, founder of, enumerates the qualities of a great leader, be it in business or politics.
Find Your Corporate Superheroes for Innovation Success When you hear the term “social network,” your mind probably jumps first to social media websites like Facebook. Or, if you’re more cinematically inclined, you think of the eponymous, supposedly factual movie starring Jesse Eisenberg. Yet surprisingly, the term “social
Networking has always been crucial to small business success, but the rise of social media has made it easier for small business owners to network without ever leaving the office. A new survey by small business community Manta found the vast majority (90 percent) of small business owners spend
So you’ve determined what area of your business could benefit from some actionable insights as well as crafted your perfect survey addressing this issue. Now you need to launch the survey and get your target audience to answer your questions, so you can make better business decisions
Now that you’ve decided what you want to learn from your survey, it’s time to create the actual survey. Before you get into the creation, there’s one simple tip to keep in mind: Keep it respondent-centric. To encourage engagement, your respondents need to feel invested in the
Do you ask your customers what they think about your business, whether in person, by email or online? Great! Next question: Do you listen to their answers? Customers don’t think so, according to a new survey by customer service consulting firm Empathica as reported in MediaPost. Although 85
Trick question! Neither—at least from my perspective. Historically, I’ll admit, we’ve been exposed to many attention-grabbing extroverts—and perhaps, for the foreseeable future, we extroverts may continue to receive partisan exposure—leading one to erroneously
Guide to Mastermind Groups Steve Strauss, founder of, explains the concept of Mastermind groups and gives advice for best practices.

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