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During an emergency, it's imperative that those within your organization know how to communicate effectively.  This need to communicate has led to increasing use of Social Media platforms during recent disasters across the globe.  Join hosts SCORE and Agility Recovery during this
Crisis Communications Planning Checklist During an emergency, it is imperative that those within your organization know how to communicate effectively.   This includes both internal and external communications.  The following checklist will highlight some recommendations for developing and executing a well-rounded
Recently in my Women’s Entrepreneur Group (WEG), we had the benefit of an online discussion with Delia Horwitz and Paula Vigneault, authors of Collaboration Soup: a Six-Step Recipe for Co-Creative Meetings and Other Conversations. I often facilitate planning and brainstorming meetings with
What would you do if a fire, flood, server malfunction or health pandemic occurred at your office? If you had 15 minutes to evacuate, what would you take and where would you go? How would you continue servicing your clients? Think it can’t happen to you? Statistics show that 94% of small
Sometimes the simplest exercises can be the most useful. For the next few minutes, be a secret shopper. Put yourself in the shoes (or at the keyboard) of a prospective customer. How old are you? Where do you live? What is your financial picture? Now put yourself in the buying process.
SWOT Analysis Worksheet Use this template to complete a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis for your business.
How to Value Your Business The value of a business will depend upon a lot of factors, such as the number of years in business, number of employees, the amount and condition of the equipment, facilities, supplies and inventory, the type of customers, the degree customers are tied to the owner and the stability of earnings.
The Eighty –Twenty Rule Rocks Learn about how to employ the 80-20 rule for the success of your business.
Passion, Reality and Starting a Business Learn from SCORE Westchester about the difference between passion and reality and the roles they play in entrepreneurship.
Import and Export Considerations There certainly is a lot of interest today by entrepreneurs in establishing import and export companies and getting involved in international business.  The international shipment of goods is highly organized and very efficient in getting the goods to and from most countries.  After

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