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We have all witnessed the devastating effects Mother Nature can cause throughout the year.  As we look ahead to the Winter Weather Season, now is the time to prepare for the threats posed by colder temperatures and frozen precipitation. Your organization is more than just a place of business
If 20 years of coaching business owners to grow their companies has taught me anything, it’s taught me this: You’re overworked, stressed out, feeling at times like you’re having to run just to stay even, let alone get ahead. You’re drowning in information and struggling to
Excitement abounds; there is demand for your new product.  Now comes the really hard part, the product needs to be made. Be aware, you will be entering perhaps the most challenging and risky part of developing and growing your business.  Product sourcing (the first steps in the supply
Do you use SWOT to grow your business? No, I’m not talking about a team of armed officers at the ready to protect you. I’m talking about a SWOT analysis—a strategic analysis of your company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Knowing where your company
Small Business Disaster Planning Guide Has your small business ever been affected by a natural disaster, such as a fire, flood, earthquake or tornado? Even if you’ve remained unscathed until now, severe weather incidents are increasingly affecting all parts of the U.S. From the “polar vortex” on the East Coast to
Last week two experiences forced me to re-examine my reality. First, while talking to an older relative (who shall remain nameless), I casually mentioned I was going to Google something. He admitted that he didn’t know what that meant or how to do it. This is someone who checks email
7-Step Checklist for Growing Your Business Given the ever-changing nature of our economy along with volatility in our capital markets, the challenge facing many business owners today is: how and when to grow? This question often leads to other questions which help define the path business owners should choose for their companies. In
Distribution 101 for Entrepreneurs When you start marketing a product, you have a lot of options. You can sell directly from a website or physical storefront, through channel partners or corporate B2B partners, or through distributors.
9 Keys to Building Great Business Teams Business owners and entrepreneurs often need to be team builders as well. It might be a project-based team, a team of advisors, employees or problem-solving group. Whatever the team purpose, it’s essential to build it well to achieve the best results.
All that Focus May Not Be All That Good It is a widely held notion that truly successful entrepreneurs have achieved that coveted success by virtue of an unwavering focus on their goal. However, if we peruse the bios of just a handful of self-made billionaires, it becomes clear that a laser-like focus may not be the hallmark of

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