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This free online business workshop will discuss one-on-one marketing tactics and personalization strategies, provide case studies of innovative, successful companies, help you develop your own strategy.  
As touted in this recent Mashable article, 2015 is the “year of customer experience”.  Daily new information apps and social network referrals – all available anytime and in the palm of their hands – give consumers the real power.  Customers no longer
5 Ways To Use CRM Software To Drive More Sales This article goes into a detail about how to generate more sales using CRM platforms. If you are not already highly familiar with how CRM platforms work, the following article would be helpful before diving into this one, An Introduction To CRM For Small Businesses.
In the SCORE Small Business Success Podcast: Quality as a Marketing Tool, Bob Theis, a SCORE mentor, explains how focusing on high quality helped grow sales for his company from $2 million to over $32 million. Bob is the former CEO and chairman of J.R. Clancy Incorporated, a leading
Many companies claim to provide outstanding product and service. But the client’s perception is the ultimate truth. By 2020, Customer Experience (CX) is projected to become the #1 brand differentiator, over price and product, according to the Customers 2020 Report.   Consumers are
How to Create a Service Culture A great many business owners talk about the importance of customer service. But few have actually succeeded in building a business that’s truly serviced oriented. 
How to Deal with Discount and Freebie Demands Here are two words that customers love to hear: “free” and “discount.” But for a small business, those words can be dangerous. 
I recently spent a weekend in a small, charming community that relies on tourism and farming as its main industries. It’s the nature of this type of place that most of the businesses are independently owned small shops. Since I always love patronizing small businesses (not to mention
If your business has an online presence, you are probably already looking at many analytics tools to capture user behavior and data. Data analytics like Google Analytics, heat maps for web pages, A/B tests to try out different landing pages, tools for looking more closely at visitor flows and
How to Monitor and Respond to Reviews of Your Bar or Restaurant Learn the best ways to monitor and respond to online reviews of your bar or restaurant.

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