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This month’s SCORE Infographic shows the impact of human resources on small business development for 2015. Of the biggest challenges for small businesses, hiring new employees ranks second: 45% report growing revenues as their major concern 42% say hiring new employees 37% say
Do you still hit the road five days a week, retreat into a maze of cubicles and then watch the time tick by as you make your way home during the height of the evening rush hour? If so, you’re part of a shrinking majority. In recent years, there has been a steady rise in the number of people
Infographic: Human Resources What's working when it comes to working?
In the SCORE online workshop, “Hiring the Right Employee,” Tricia McLaurin, Senior Human Resources Representative at Paychex, Inc. explains the best practices of recruiting, interviewing, selecting and retaining your most valuable assets: your employees. The Society of Human
Get the benefit of 30 years of successful business experience in one hour! You will learn: How to use the Two-Division Company model to maximize sales, the life blood of your company How to use performance-based compensation to increase sales, growth and profitability How to find
As your small business grows, your team will become increasingly more critical to your success. You may rely on your staff to be the face of your company when interacting with customers or to manage daily operations.  You may also depend on them to keep the business going in case of
Are you swamped with work but unable to afford hiring in house employees to help you? Your business can plateau in this situation if you don’t increase your capacity to take on more clients and earn more money. There’s another way forward: using virtual assistants (VAs). 
My company is in hiring mode. We recently made our first two full-time hires and are now interviewing to fill a marketing position. The biggest thing we learned throughout this process was the importance of requiring our applicants to submit a cover letter with their resume. By requiring cover
Interactive Presentation: Employer Shared Responsibility is Not One Size Fits All Determining how your business could be affected by Employer Shared Responsibility (ESR) provisions can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. By looking at your business structure and examining your business’s payroll, HR, and benefits needs, you can find a variety of
Interactive Presentation: The Top Five Small Business Election Year Issues Learn all about the top five issues affecting small business owners within the country’s regulatory environment during the upcoming election year. With HR elements at the center of many of these issues, it’s important that business owners know what to expect and how it can affect

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