In 2007, the name “Massage Envy” was a new brand and business model to the state of Kentucky.  Franchise owners Theresa Paradise and Marcia Connelley worked hard to overcome that roadblock and make their name, mission and stellar service known to all. 

Massage Envy brings massage therapy out of the elite and expensive circles and makes it available to everyone.  The business model provides professional licensed massage therapists and therapeutic massage at convenient times, locations and at affordable prices.   The duo pride themselves on excellent customer service: from the time the guest calls to schedule their appointment until they leave the appointment.

My successes. 

Within 4 years, Theresa and Marcia achieved their revenue goals and increased their staff from 5 to 48.

As an active member within their local communities, Massage Envy is a strong supporter of the Susan G. Komen Foundation and The Arthritis Foundation.   Theresa and Marcia take this commitment to charity a step further by donating supplies to their local VA hospital and animal shelters.  In addition, each month the franchise chooses 5 charities based on member requests to donate a portion of their proceeds to.

How SCORE helped. 

Theresa and Marcia say, "SCORE saved our business! SCORE has had such an instrumental impact on our business it is hard to define in words how thankful we are for the success they have helped us create. They have believed in us from day one and have molded us into the successful owners we are today."

Bill and Bob immediately started analyzing the numbers of Theresa and Marcia's enterprise and began giving the pair homework such as calling other Massage Envy clinics to see profit versus loss margin's and creating spreadsheets to monitor these numbers.

As a new business they were trying to advertise everywhere they saw an affordable opportunity. Their mentors helped them understand the concept of advertising cost per client and how to monitor what advertisements were actually working. 

They were also trying to be owners, managers, front desk employees, doing everything themselves and it simply was not working. They noticed a significant change in their business growth after they decided to hire more staff and truly take the ownership side of the business to its fullest.

Massage Envy