I started Holt Bosse with my business partner, Patrick Bosse, on April Fool's Day of 2014. We both worked at a marketing agency together for quite a while until eventually our convictions and philosophy led us to leave our jobs and strike out on our own. We started off by renting 2 offices, but by April 2015 we were renting 14 offices and had 11 employees (and 2 interns.)

How SCORE helped. 

SCORE helped us get a handle on the bookkeeping aspect of running a company. We're in the marketing business, and between my partner and myself, we had a lot of knowledge accumulated, but we knew we still had holes. Our mentor came in, looked over our books, and gave us some tips and insights into how to document transactions and keep everything straight.

What's great about my mentor? 

Bob Elliot was very accommodating and extremely patient. He really had his work cut out with us as we were very new to the financial end of things. But we picked up a lot of things in a relatively short time.

Key Topics

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