Worcester SCORE provides a link to the Massachusetts website of tools and resources to help you succeed in MA business.

Below is a link to the Business webpage (with many useful sub-pages) for the state of Massachusetts: is helpful if you ever need to research any U.S. city, zip code, or neighborhood for any reason. Worcester SCORE provides their link to all MA cities and towns.

City-Data claims to have collected and analyzed much interesting data from numerous sources on as many U.S. cities as they could:

A proactive approach to managing potential disasters may help mitigate the effects on your business, and lessen the time and resources necessary to resume normal operations.


SCORE is committed to helping small business owners with disaster preparedness and relief. Below is a comprehensive list of helpful resources.

Questionaire for ascertaining the general overall business condition in terms of financial, management, marketing, and customer relationship strengths/weaknesses.

White Paper that addresses the prerequisite talents and traits for starting a business and describes the characteristics of a successful entrepreneurs.

So, you've got what you hope is a good idea for a small business.  You may not need a formal business plan because you can mostly self-fund. Before you waste what little free cash you have, you need to assess whether this is really a good idea that you can support with the necessary resources to succeed.  This extensive free Tookit Software will guide you through that assessment.


This ToolKit software was developed by Dick Hall, a small business owner and a SCORE439 mentor. The software is specifically designed to remove the mystery and reduce the effort in developing a business plan. You will learn how easy it is create your own business model and business plan.  The software uses Microsoft Office or the free download.

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