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This narrated PowerPoint video provides an overview of the benefits and features of using current technology to improve your small business.  It is the first in a four-part series originally developed to provide SCORE volunteers with an overview of current technologies in order to better guide their small business clients.  However, the perspective of the narration in these videos has been changed to be appropriate for viewing directly by small business owners and managers.

Susan McPartlan

Susan McPartlan

Current City: Portland, ME



B.S. in Accounting from University of Southern NH</p>

Rose Creek Anglers, Inc.

Problem: The typical fisherman’s tackle box will either have a foam pad or a compartment box to store jigs and lures. Foam pads tear easily and wear out quickly.  Compartment boxes allow jigs and lures to hit each other - chipping paint and dulling hooks. 

Challenge: Rose Creek Anglers set out to develop a way to organize and store the various items needed to improve the fishing experience and to help make the user a better fisherman.       

Solution: Design and manufacture jig, fly and jigging spoon boxes and other accessory products that keep each item in a specific place so that expensive jigs and lures stay organized, remain in good condition, keep hooks sharp, and allow lures to be retrieved more quickly because of reduced clutter.

Rich Femling
My Location
1946 Tatum Street
Roseville MN 55113
United States
My Successes

Business Description: Rose Creek Anglers sells several fishing-related products through specialty catalogs, retail stores and on their website. They do the basic design of each jig box which is offered in several sizes, colors and configurations. The polymer boxes and inserts are molded by a contract vendor. Stamping, assembly and custom configuration is done in-house. 

The Future:  Rich’s main effort is to continue to build the business for his existing products by expanding his dealer network and by getting his products known to a wider audience. He also plans to introduce a fly line holder that will better serve the purpose of a cumbersome stripping basket. This device is especially helpful to fly fishermen keeping their fly lines from being dragged downstream while fishing rivers.

Rose Creek Anglers:

What's Great About My Mentor?

“At the very first meeting, Wally Freier provided advice on how to create an effective product sales sheet. Tapping into his marketing knowledge has been very beneficial in communicating with potential customers and strengthening existing customer relations. We are now in the process of implementing a new marketing strategy.” - Rich Femling, Owner.

How SCORE Helped

SCORE’s Involvement:  Rich was aware that sales and marketing were areas that he had to improve if he were to build his business to the desired level. He decided to attend a SCORE outreach event at a 3M sponsored golf event in Blaine and met Wally Freier. As it worked out, Wally, who has a strong marketing background, was assigned as his mentor. Since then Rich and Wally have been focused on ways to increase sales.  Wally was able to help develop a marketing plan and worked with Rich on specific sales techniques to use in developing his dealer network. 

See the PDF file for this Success Story.

Dale Simon

Dale Simon

Current City: Iowa City, IA

Associate VP Kirkwood Iowa City Campus - Iowa City, IA

Vice President Academic Affairs Iowa Lakes Community College - Estherville, IA

Dean Grand Rapids Campus Davenport College - Grand Rapids, MI

Dean Department of Business Kirkwood Community College - Cedar Rapids, IA

Accounting Coordinator Kirkwood Community College - Cedar Rapids, IA

Staff Accountant Pederson and Brekke - Devils Lake, ND



Ph.D. - Leadership and Policy Studies the University of Iowa - Iowa City, IA

Master's Degree in Business the University of Iowa - Iowa City, IA

Bachelor of Science Degree - Minot State University - Minot, ND

Certified Public Accountant - Not Currently Licensed

Enrolled Agent - Currently Licensed to Practice before the Internal Revenue Service 

Sonoma Gnome

My Location
Santa Rosa CA
United States
How SCORE Helped

Rebecca’s path to becoming an entrepreneur began with the idea that she wanted to find a way to provide Sonoma County tourists "with unique, locally-made gift items, that were more interesting souvenirs than the typical 'Made in China' key chains."
 A gifted creative person with a solid sense of humor, Rebecca first started selling witty t-shirts for the holidays, such as the popular "I Believe in Santa...Rosa" shirts. Her next thought was to create a business around gnomes, (who are protectors of the earth), starting the Sonoma Gnome Company in 2013.
At this time she turned to SCORE, and began meeting with Counselor Dana Jacoby. "She was incredibly helpful as she made suggestions that I never would have thought of," Rebecca said. "I remember pausing after one idea and saying, Wow, what a concept!"
"It's great to have someone as a sounding board someone with decades of experience offering help. It's incredibly valuable," she said. "Dana was supportive, encouraging and positive in her comments and feedback to me. I have had the good fortune through SCORE of having my very own business mentor who has gone out of her way to listen and offer her perspective on my entrepreneurial anxieties and dreams."
Rebecca called SCORE a "gift to the community." Besides the one-on-one consulting, she said the workshops are extremely beneficial, especially for a start-up company.
"The classes are great for networking, as I met people who were very supportive and connected," she said. "As entrepreneurs, you often feel isolated.  The classes give you the opportunity to ask questions, get new insights and network."   
Rebecca said she also likes working with Dana because she is counseling a number of local sustainable businesses.  "She has the niche that’s showing the more hip, groovy side of SCORE."   
 She added that some people express concern that SCORE is filled with "old fuddy duddies." She sees SCORE as an incredible resource offering experienced business advice. "They're very consistent in what they offer: the advisors, classes and curriculum are extremely helpful,” she said. Rebecca’s bigger business vision involves a hospitality-based project, and she hopes that SCORE and mentor Dana Jacoby will be able to continue to assist her as she develops her concept. "It would be fantastic to achieve this lodging-based business goal with SCORE’s support!" 

Nourish Organic Market & Deli

Sheri Rop
How SCORE Helped

SCORE helped us get QuickBooks up and running for our business.  Thanks to our mentor (Joe Mierendorf) we were able to install the program, input data, and run reports.  This has been a huge help.  Not only did we get assistance with QuickBooks, but we received useful operations suggestions, accounting 101 training, systems ideas, and information on tax considerations.  SCORE has had a big impact on the way we do day-to-day business. 

Simplecare Products

Stephanie Gagne
My Location
St. Helena CA
United States
How SCORE Helped

Stephanie began working with SCORE in 2012 after hearing about the organization from the SBA.  She had created a line of natural body products and was selling them at trade shows.  "Initially, Tom from SCORE helped me to get more organized and how to be more effective in my booth at shows," she said.
Even though she had started selling some products at Whole Foods in Texas, she has pulled back her line offering it solely online. "I decided to first develop my website and online status, making sure it's solid - especially the packaging and product mix."
Stephanie added that SCORE helped her to streamline the product line. "It was great to be able to bounce ideas of them, and they gave me experienced feedback.  They also helped with my business strategy and to make decisions," she said.
She added that she likes the counselor’s flexibility as she can email questions and meet them when she's available. "Because I work at nights, SCORE is great for my needs and schedule."
"It's a true mentoring relationship," she said.
Stephanie said her next steps with SCORE will be to discuss how to get back into retail and how to handle adding staff.

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