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Many people find that the best outlet for their entrepreneurial spirit is to improve the quality of their communities and their world by starting a non-profit organization. But while non-profit and for-profit organizations share many similarities, there are also key differences that can doom even the best of intentions.

Jim Maltry, a SCORE mentor with 26 years of experience in the non-profit community, discusses several of the most important factors to consider when planning and launching a non-profit.


How is the process of starting a non-profit similar to that for starting a small business? How do the processes differ?

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Expert in Nonprofit. Very knowledgeable in all aspects of nonprofit areas. 26 years of experience with the nonprofit community. Experience includes; how to start a nonprofit,  legal requirements, fund raising, board development, recruitment of board members, nonprofit business plans and strategic plans. 

Nonprofits and Reasonable Compensation

Every so often a front page news story will appear citing a seemingly outrageous number as the salary of a nonprofit’s CEO. The question most people ask is how could a tax-exempt organization justly pay someone so much? In rare instances, the CEO in question has manipulated their salary in his or her favor or taken benefits not owed to them. The vast majority of the time, however, the answer rests with what the Internal Revenue Service calls “reasonable compensation.”

Nonprofit Fundraising in the Digital Age

The Internet has changed everything from the way we stay connected to the way you can find a mate, and if it hasn’t changed the way you fundraise for your nonprofit, you’re missing out. While sending canvassers to knock on doors, holding carwashes and auctions will always be solid fundraising strategies, the ideas have been around long enough to become “venerable.”

The Four Rules of a Strong Nonprofit Brand

Many nonprofit organizations spend time crafting a mission statement to clarify their place in the world. But it’s important to remember that these elements aren’t meant to be stored away as archived material in your annual report. These core beliefs should be an everyday yardstick for all of your communications.

Greg Beck


Lacey, WA


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Small Business Technology Start-Up, Small Business Owner, Strategic Marketing, Project Management, P&L Experience, Hiring, Supervision, Training, Manage $16 Million Budget, Product Management, Initial Public Offering Experience, Secondary Teaching Credential.

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California State Univ. B.S.Business/Marketing, Univ.of WA, MBA Cert. Integrated Marketing Communication Green River College; Kent, WA Cert. PC Networking Visa Debit Card Banking School, MS Project Certification, PC Networking (CCNA), MS Excel, MS Word, MS Power Point, Creating Web Pages, Search Engine Positioning, PC Troubleshooting, HTML Basics

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Robert Danaher


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Chapter: Fox Valley SCORE

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Aids Service Center NYC (ASCNYC)

Sharen Duke launched Aids Service Center NYC (ASCNYC) in 1990. With the help of the Design Industry's Foundation for AIDS (DIFFA) who donated an office space and the AIDS Institute who provided a grant, Sharen along with her staff of three, began their mission to improve the lives of those infected with the AIDS virus.

My Location
New York NY
United States
Year Company Formed
My Successes

Currently, ASCNYC has more than 90 staff members, 85 peer interns and a budget of nearly $8 million. More than 1,800 clients come to ASCNYC for services each year and 18,000 people are reached through ASCNYC's peer education and community outreach initiatives. ASCNYC was also recognized by SCORE as the 2014 Outstanding Non-Profit Organization.


How SCORE Helped

In 2008 the recession presented Sharen with new, unfamiliar challenges. Sharen reached out to SCORE to help her in an area she had not been trained in, finance. Sharen's mentor, Munir Saltoun worked with Sharen and ASCNYC's CFO to create a five year plan to restructure the organization in order to get it back on financial track.

Carin Lin Business mentor

Carin Lin


Chappaqua, NY

Languages:English, German

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I am an experienced business mentor and educator with more than 10 years’ experience in effectively building and managing start-up companies and non-profit organizations. My broad experience in establishing start-up companies and non-profit organizations, health care and financial industry, education and science, hands-on experience in social media, Internet marketing, research and product development, and international business enable me to think out of the box with a global and forward-looking vision.
I speak English, Chinese and German.
I focus on understanding customer needs, developing plans and solutions, and delivering desired results. Specialties:
Entrepreneurship, start-up, market research, building small business, Internet and social media marketing, importing and exporting, leadership, organizing workshops and seminars, technical vision, customer focus, and building a brand using story articles.

Small Business Mentor

Who I help? I can help people who take action to realize their dreams of starting their own businesses.

How I Work? I can help you make the transition from an employee to a business owner, better present your ideas and then translate the good ideas into business opportunities, clearly define the business objectives, conduct market research and analyze market potential, establish your business, marketing using Internet and social media,etc

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Ph.D. in chemistry, University of Mainz, Mainz, Germany.</p>

M. S. in chemistry, University of Mainz, Mainz, Germany</p>

B. S. in chemical engineering, East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai, China</p>

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          After working for a large accounting firm for many years, I’ve decided to go out on my
own and specialize in helping small businesses with their accounting and financial needs.
          Initially, it will be just me, and to keep expenses down and be able to better manage my young
son, I’m thinking about operating out of my home. What are the pros and cons?

          For productivity, convenience, and downright comfort, nothing beats a home-based business. Here, most every day is “casual day,” and the only obstacle on your commute is dodging the cat or dog on your way upstairs.

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         This column is brought to you by the Merrimack Valley Chapter of SCORE, with nearly
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