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          I’m in the process of establishing a graphic design/web development business. 
Should I form a corporation? 


By Attorney Ruth-Ellen Post

The four most common forms of business structure are:

  • LLC (Limited Liability Company)
  • CORPORATION (Conventional and Subchapter S)

The following outlines provide very general information on some of the main
similarities and differences among these business structures in six key areas:

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Robert Levitt

Robert Levitt

Current City: West Chester, PA

I have been in business over 40 years. I have held the designations of CPA (practiced for 7 years), CFP, Securities Series 7 Licensed, Ohio Realtor License but I have been primarily for the last 32 years an entrepreneur and business owner. I have owned an Investment Advisor to a family of No Load Mutual Funds (Sold to Provident Bank). Owned a Canadian manufacturer of alcohol , iodine and glass cleaning swabs which was subsequently sold. Started an Ohio Real Estate, Mortgage and Title company which assisted home owners in selling their homes for $995. I have recently worked as a marketing consultant to a National provider of BPM (Business Process Management) systems being sold to provide compliant data storage to Broker Dealers ad Banks.



BA in Economics from Northwestern University (1972) and a MBA from The University of Michigan(1974)</p>

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