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This file is a series of useful Excel spreadsheets: Startup Costs, Personal Financial Statement, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Variable Overhead Costs, Cash Flow, and Gross Margin.

This thirty-two page primer on Cash Flow will help you understand and manage Cash Flow by explaining the working capital cash conversion cycle -- the cash flow cycle

Entrepreneur’s Guide: Starting and Growing a Business in Pennsylvania is a 108 page booklet filled with current information about free services, check lists, helpful tips and licensing procedures. Because the information in this guide is not intended to be the final statement on any subject, you will also find addresses, web sites and telephone numbers for contacting business-related agencies.

Potts Harbor Lobster & Reversing Falls Lobster Wharf

As shorefront property in Maine escalates in price, it is more difficult for fisherman to retain direct access to the water.  Potts Harbor Lobster in Harspwell initially did not have direct access to the water, having to truck its catch, and what it purchased from others from someone else's wharf to its operations inland. When an operating wharf in Harspwell became available for purchase, Jim Merryman, principal owner of Potts Harbor, seized the opportunity. The problem was to raise the very large sum required for the purchase price.

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Jim Merryman
My Location
PO Box 261
Harpswell ME 04079
United States
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My Successes

Working with Alan Shaver from Portland SCORE, I wrote a business plan that persuaded the Maine Department of Marine Resources to fund a significant portion of the purchase price, in return for a covenant to retail the property as working waterfront.

Working waterfront

How SCORE Helped

"SCORE told us about the grant, introduced us to marketing consultants and others who helped.  I attended a Marketing & Sales Workshop which lead to additional contacts. SCORE'S guidance made the purchase of the working waterfront possible."

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To be successful in any business, Step #1 after deciding upon a product or service is assessing whether you will sell enough of it to make your business "go." This article explains how to step through such an assessment simply, without loads of information and in as little as 10-20 minutes. Try it out or get a SCORE person to help walk you through it.  No charge, of course.



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How to do a business plan, in lay person terms and in 4 easy steps. Explained in roughly 4 pages. Learn how to do it right and without a great amount of stress. A more detailed article is available about this. Just ask us how and where to find it. 


Planning a “WINNER.”

Establishes client expectations from SCORE and what is outside the scope of our volunteers.

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