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SCORE mentor offers advice in building an online presence

Wed, 2015-05-06 16:45

It may sound incredible, but GoDaddy’s Matthew Tondreau in a recent Greater Phoenix SCORE item (, noted many small businesses are not doing a thing to get online. He goes on to explain how a person can grow their business through a website that sells things or an information site. A site should be easy to find, simple to use, conveys a message clearly and provides a way for people to contact you and offer feedback.

We asked, you shared: These resources make you better businesswomen

Fri, 2015-05-01 13:25

Here at Bizwomen, we've written a lot about business resources: from the traditional (mentors) to the new (Boss School) to the time-tested (these "Shark Tank" winners turned to SCORE).

But this week we wanted to hear from you, so we asked Bizwomen readers to share their go-to resources for entrepreneurial information and inspiration. Here were your replies. 

Hiring Tips for the Small Business Owner

Wed, 2015-04-15 07:30

Your goal as a small business owner is growth, but with growth comes more responsibilities and more work. You may already juggle being the boss, accountant, office manager, maybe even janitor, but at some point, you realize you can’t do it all. Finding a new team member can be a daunting task, and 42% of small business owners say hiring new employees is their biggest challenge for 2015.

7 Steps To Finding Your True Purpose

Wed, 2015-04-15 23:00

With average life expectancy now approaching 80, Americans can look forward to spending almost two decades enjoying retirement. That free time can seem heavenly at first—until the days stretch on. "[After] the honeymoon stage comes the disenchantment stage," says Dr. Sara Yogev, psychologist and author of "A Couple's Guide to Happy Retirement." "People feel like everything is purposeless. They can get depressed, and we would like to avoid that stage."

Why should unemployed preppers start their own small businesses?

Sun, 2015-04-19 20:46

If preppers become unemployed, starting their own small businesses can be a helpful career move. Some unemployed people have started very successful small businesses and have not gone back to their former careers.

Other unemployed people have used their small businesses to keep financially solvent until these people have found other jobs. Their small businesses allowed them to eliminate chronological gaps in their resumes.

SCOREBergen Starts 293 New Businesses and 181 Jobs

Tue, 2015-04-21 10:30

SCOREBergen, the Hackensack-based chapter of SCORE, a national organization of business professionals who volunteer their time to provide free mentoring to emerging and established entrepreneurs, helped start 293 new businesses and create 181 jobs in Bergen and Passaic Counties during the 2014 fiscal year, according to a recent survey.

“These are fantastic numbers if we think of them in terms of real people affected and real services now impacting our community,” said SCOREBergen Chairman Lew Marchiona.

What Do I Need to Do to Start the Process of Forming My Business?

Tue, 2015-04-28 22:40

If you fail to prepare, the process of forming a business can quickly overwhelm. While not every business requires extensive research and analysis, the success of every business can benefit from some forethought and preparation. As you look at the details of your business and its operations, several items may demand your attention.


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