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8 Simple Steps to Starting Your Business in 2015

Tue, 2015-01-06 16:18

According to Business Insider's Infographic, The State of U.S. Small Businesses, there are 28 million small businesses in the United States. This accounts for over 22 million self-employed individuals. If you have been considering becoming a part of this growing number, here are a few easy steps to get started in the New Year.

The 4 Most Common Excuses for Not Delegating

Fri, 2015-01-09 03:42

If you’re working as fast as you can but your career or business is stuck in rut, ask yourself whether you’re making the best use of your time. Are you taking on too much because you’re afraid of letting anything go? Are you trying to do it all?

New college grads face unique challenges when starting a business

Thu, 2015-05-21 08:00

There is no denying the allure of running your own business, especially if you're a young person just starting your career. However, it's important to temper the enthusiasm of having an idea for a new business with the reality of being an entrepreneur. This is especially true when you're concerned that people won't take you seriously because of your age. 


How a Mentor Can Increase the Success of Your Business

Thu, 2015-05-21 07:35

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you may be inclined to take on all challenges, obstacles, and complications that prevent your business from succeeding. A need for independence and a strong sense of self-confidence are both driving forces of entrepreneurship, as well as potential impediments that can lead to a new business' downfall.

5 Tips for Starting a Business After Age 40

Mon, 2015-05-18 09:15

Bill Cheeks was 57 years old when he started ABBA Associates, his fiscal management business, in 2002. Thirteen years later, he’s still going strong, traveling the country to lead credit education workshops and speak at conferences. Starting a business later in life is possible!

“I’m working because I’m not good at retirement,” he says. “I love what I’m doing.”

NEW: White Papers covering key business concepts to help your business grow

Wed, 2015-05-20 07:42

Learn more about key topics to help your business grow:  Lean Manufacturing, Lean Office and Supply Chain Management.  SCORE is providing  white paers to explain these concepts and answer key questions about what makes sense for your business


Lean Manufacturing:  /sites/default/files/u129202/Lean%20Manufacturing.docx

Lean Office:  /sites/default/files/u129202/Lean%20Office.docx

Preparing for his next leap — from stunt work to cooking ventures

Sun, 2015-05-17 08:00

Like many Americans in their 50s, Stephen Tartalia wants to begin a second career. He figures it won't be simple, but it might be a lot less painful.

Tartalia worked as a Hollywood stuntman in film and television franchises such as "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Tartalia's stunt reel shows him jumping from buildings, crashing through windows and embroiled in other mayhem.

Now, rather than taking a fall for Hollywood stars, he'd like to cook for them.

Foundations That Help with Business Startups

Thu, 2015-01-01 15:58

Starting a new business is often exciting, but new business ventures are often filled with unexpected expenses and setbacks. Without guidance or financial assistance, many new business startups have difficulty succeeding. Several foundations have been established to help business startups succeed, providing essential financial, legal and organizational assistance to these businesses when it is needed most.

Strauss: No better time to start a business

Mon, 2015-01-19 07:19

Hi, Steve – My resolution for the new year is to finally start my own business. And, while I have a general idea of what the process entails, I was hoping you could give me a better, more specific, outline. Thank you. -- Abigail

A: Let me begin by saying that there is no better time to start a business than right now. This is the golden age for small business. Not only is the economy booming, but you have three other distinct advantages:

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