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Pizza-flavored Healthy Candy Invented by Doctor Being Made in Philadelphia - Kelly Roncace

Fri, 2013-01-04 09:25

Approximately two years ago, Dr. Rita DiCarlo, now of Palm Desert, Calif., who has a doctorate degree in chiropractic medicine and is also an RN, was inspired to create something that’s fun to eat for those who have a restricted diet.  “I was sitting there thinking about all the patients who want to eat pizza and can’t,” she said. “I thought, there has to be a substitute or a way to make something.”

Preparing For Life’s Second Act - James A. Fitts and John Weeks

Thu, 2013-01-03 12:42

It’s a situation that every family business owner will eventually face: What will I do when I no longer own and run my business?

Becoming a mentor, angel investor, SCORE volunteer, board member, or advisor to another business can provide new meaning to a person whose life was previously defined by their business accomplishments.



SCORE CEO Ken Yancey on Biz Talk with Josh Smith

Thu, 2013-01-03 11:14

This morning, SCORE CEO Ken Yancey was a featured guest on the radio show, Biz Talk with Josh Smith.  Alongside Giovanni Coratolo of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Jean Card of NFIB, Ken Yancey reviews the past year and its effects on small businesses in the U.S.



Footloose: Entrepreneur dances to success

Thu, 2012-12-27 16:07

When Evelyn Squires launched her dance studio five years ago in partnership with her mother-in-law, Heather Squires, she made one crucial, yet common, misstep.  She focused too much on the passion, and not enough on the business basics. “I was a dancer,” Evelyn Squires tells Coffee Talk. “I thought as long as I offered dance lessons, the studio would thrive.”

But the studio, after five years of trial and error, in addition to significant assistance from nonprofit business counseling service Manasota SCORE, is now flourishing.


Tails Wag at Indoor Doggie Park - Kim Kalunian

Fri, 2012-12-21 09:13

Bow Chika Wow Town, which inhabits an 8,700-square foot former factory and garage on Pavilion Avenue, was the brainchild of Alisa Paykos-Theurer.  Paykos-Theurer moved back to the States from Japan in 2010 with her husband, Mark, who’s in the Navy. It was then that she began wondering why she couldn’t find an indoor facility to take her dogs and let them play; everywhere she went required enrollment in some sort of obedience or agility class.  So, after searching and coming up empty, Paykos-Theurer decided to take matters into her own hands.

Beyond Made in America

Thu, 2012-12-20 09:21

This holiday season ABC World News has been encouraging viewers to have a Made in America Christmas. That if all of us spent even just a small portion of our gift budget on American-made, we could create thousands of jobs across the country. That goes for here at home too.

More Boomers Taking the Entrepreneurial Route - 55 Plus Business - Ken Little

Wed, 2012-12-19 10:22

About 10 Percent of Older Adults are Self-employed "The number of older, unincorporated self-employed workers in nonagricultural industries increased from fewer than 2,6 million in December 2007 to almost 2.9 million. In March 2012." While the number has increased, the percent of older workers who are self-employed has remained about the same: 9.7percent in March 2012, compared to 10 percent in December 2007, according to a 2012 analysis of data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Small Biz Success Story: Luludi Living Frames and SCORE - AnnMarie McIlwain

Fri, 2012-12-14 11:26

Liza Fiorentinos had been going to SCORE for years with ideas, but Living Frames was the one that really got them excited. Thanks to her primary SCORE mentor, Seth Rogovin, Living Frames launched a little over a year ago and is generating revenue. Liza is hopeful that profits are not far behind, based on the business plan she crafted with Seth.

"This is not something I would have undertaken without SCORE." - Liza Fiorentinos

Tablets For Business - Emily Capdevielle

Mon, 2012-12-10 16:10

"Shopping for a tablet can be quite a daunting task, as there are so many out there. According to Raj Tumber, a SCORE business mentor, knowing what you need the tablet for will dictate what type of tablet is right for you."

Baby Be Hip Selected as Winner of Sam's Club and SCORE Small Business Collaboration

Fri, 2012-12-07 14:17

Founded in 2002 by Colleen Mook, Baby Be Hip is a web-based retailer offering personalized baby gifts that are fun, functional, and fabulous. The business began with personalized burp cloths and has since expanded the product line to include and wide variety of necessities and accessories that new parents consistently love and use.

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