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Neat is Going Big and Fast

Fri, 2014-05-09 11:53

“This isn't meat — this is neat!”

Phil and Laura Lapp’s oldest daughter said that in fall 2011 upon tasting the pecan-and-garbanzo-based meat replacement that Laura had concocted. The description seemed apt, and they ran with it.

Minnesota-Bred SCORE Marks 50th Year

Wed, 2014-05-07 10:38

May 07--The Minnesota chapters of SCORE celebrated the business mentoring organization's 50th birthday Tuesday at the Small Business Administration's annual awards luncheon.

The organization, which chartered its first chapter in Minneapolis in 1964, received awards from the SBA and from Secretary of State Mark Ritchie.

"This is a place where people reach out and help each other," Ritchie said of Minnesota. "SCORE is about making all of us stronger by helping make individual businesses stronger."

Small Business Makeover: Social Media Strategy Boosts Online Furniture Business’ Chances For Success

Sun, 2014-05-04 10:31

For Leonard Riforgiato, the path to small business ownership began in the 1990s with an abandoned company trademark and a passion for antiques.

SCORE San Diego Fulfills Small Business Owners' Need for Peer Mentoring

Wed, 2014-05-07 10:26

SCORE San Diego's Business Enhancement Forums provide a venue for entrepreneurs and business owners to both receive and provide peer advice on common issues many small business owners face.

SCORE; A lifeline for small Triangle area businesses

Wed, 2014-05-07 09:38

Check out this article in Southern Neighbor highlighting the talented and experienced people at SCORE Chapel Hill and their impact on local entrepreneurs!

SCORE celebrates 50 years of helping small-business owners start and expand their business

Wed, 2014-05-07 09:30

Check out this News & Observer article highlighting SCORE's impact in the Triangle!

Colorado Springs Company Janska Thrives Despite the Odds

Sat, 2014-04-26 13:19

The odds seemed stacked against Janska, even before the Colorado Springs clothing manufacturer got off the ground.

The couple who started it had no background in the apparel industry, no marketing acumen and no experience running a small business. All they had was a dream to produce comfortable yet fashionable fleece clothing -- and when they did get the business going, they ran into cash-flow problems and quality issues from one of its primary vendors.

Veterans Who Want to Start Small Businesses Have ‘Wingmen’

Mon, 2014-04-28 13:17

We’ll be their wingman … offering free counseling, contracting opportunities and access to capital,” said the new administrator of the Small Business Administration (SBA), Maria Contreras-Sweet, after visiting a “Boots to Business: From Service to Start-Up” class recently.

This year, the SBA will train 15,000 transitioning service members, introducing them to the basics of business ownership and providing guidance through partner groups nationwide, she said.

That includes transitioning veterans here in Tucson.

The Early Days of Starting a Business are Tough, but There are Ways to Make it Easier

Fri, 2014-04-25 13:15

Deciding to start your own business is a difficult decision. No matter the background you're leaving—whether fresh out of college or leaving a job you've had for years at an established business—you are uprooting yourself out of your comfort zone and transplanting yourself in a potential mine field.

You, Inc.: The Leap Into Self-Employment

Thu, 2014-05-01 13:12

After working for someone else, self-employment can be an exhilarating change. But it’s also fraught with potential pitfalls, including the possibility of running out of money before your new venture even gets off the ground.

"The more planning you can do beforehand, the more you’ll increase your chances of growth and success," says Raj Tumber, a Las Vegas–based small-business advisor with SCORE, a nonprofit organization that provides guidance to entrepreneurs.

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