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Tue, 2014-09-16 14:59

Not too long ago, Cheryl Tan had been covering Hampton Roads businesses in her role as a television anchor and reporter.

These days, she's advising them in her role as an entrepreneur.

Tan closed the book on her TV journalism career on May 30 and officially began Cheryl Tan Media LLC the next day. The shift has brought its challenges, but she has yet to be deterred from her goal of helping small business owners enhance their marketability.

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Treehouse Village Early Learning Center

Heather Hart
My Location
8308 Sunnydale Drive
Hudson FL 34667
United States
Year Company Formed
How SCORE Helped

Our consulting firm wanted to open its own Early Childhood Center.  With over 25 years combined experience, we had a solid business plan, budget, and the space we wanted to start with.  We were in need of capital.  We had poor-fair credit, and one partner is not a US citizen.  No bank would help us.  Our mentor, Richard, assisted with obtaining a micro-loan from Pasco EDC, negotiations on the lease, budget revisions, and general financing information.  He is a wealth of knowledge for small businesses.  He is still involved with this project.  We are marketing the new business, and Richard has helped us get the most for our marketing budget.  Richard has been so instrumental throughout this process.

Developing a plan for a new business (or even for an exiting one) can be a messy process.  There are many things to consider and often the process of developing the plan involves juggling lots of ideas and pieces of the plan.  This template is intended to help an entrepreneur organize all of the many ideas. One way to do it is to write each question on a sheet of paper and then spread the sheets out on the kitchen table.  Then as ideas come up or answers are found, write them on the appropriate sheet.  After while, as the sheets fill up, you will start seeing the best path for the organization. 


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Gloria Chavez
My Location
P O Box 1608
Sandia Park NM 87047-1608
United States
Year Company Formed
How SCORE Helped

Trinitek Services provides expert regulatory consulting, technical, engineering and scientific services including training and audits Focusing on environmental compliance, nuclear engineering, radiation safetv, NEPA permitting, environmental assessments, compliance assessments, security systems, nuclear materials licensing,
quality assurance and transport-management of nuclear/hazardous wastes. We are an 8a certified, woman-owned (WOSB), disadvantaged small business (SDB) incorporated in the state of New Mexico (USA). We work in the USA and internationally. We partner with veteran-disabled businesses and other qualified businesses as needed.

SCORE has provided ongoing support to Trinitek in the areas of business management.

Raising the Next Generation of Women Entrepreneurs - Starting a Business at Any Life Stage


Woman Entrepreneur

Join The UPS Store and MomBiz for a workshop providing guidance and encouragement for women who own or want to own a small business. They will 

Inner Light Interior Design

Erica Gomez
How SCORE Helped

Inner Light Interior Design's Erica Gomez -  “My counselors were pleasant and supportive, their mention that I am well organized, I have carried with me as a strength. As a small business owner, encouragement and positive feedback never gets old. Their readiness to help me troubleshoot during roadblocks has added to my success. I will continue to use their services and refer others. I am full of gratitude to have SCORE as a resource in our community”

Workshop Poster Fall of 2014

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