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          I’m in the process of establishing a graphic design/web development business. 
Should I form a corporation? 


By Attorney Ruth-Ellen Post

The four most common forms of business structure are:

  • LLC (Limited Liability Company)
  • CORPORATION (Conventional and Subchapter S)

The following outlines provide very general information on some of the main
similarities and differences among these business structures in six key areas:

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Pittsburgh's New Immigrants: Two Kenyan Women Pave Their Way in Pittsburgh

Sun, 2014-06-08 15:23

In Kenya, May Lebo and Lavender Wachira never would have met, let alone become business partners. They were from different ethnic groups, different social classes and different parts of the country.

But in Pittsburgh, where they attended school, the two Kenyan immigrants were free to team up as entrepreneurs, launch their own cleaning business and plan together for future business endeavors.

Small Business Makeover: SCORE Counselors Study Ex-Teacher’s Tutoring Service

Fri, 2014-06-06 15:21

Patricia “Lee” Bell was teaching 10th-grade English in the 1980s when parents started asking where they could go for SAT test prep. She thought, “Why not me?” and partnered with a math teacher to tutor after school in her home and at the library.

White Mountain Chiropractic & Rehabilitation

Dr. Colby Lamson and Dr. Rachel Morgan
My Location
1102 Route 119
Rindge NH 03461
United States
Year Company Formed
How SCORE Helped

White Mountain Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, with offices in Rindge and New Ipswich, has been nominated as Small Business Success Story of the year by Seacoast SCORE chapter 185 of Portsmouth, New Hampshire.


Dr. Colby Lamson, a New Hampshire native with an undergraduate degree from UNH, and his partner and colleague Dr. Rachel Morgan are thrilled to be returning to New Hampshire after graduating from New York Chiropractic College.  They completed an honors residency program at South Shore Neurological Associates on Long Island, where they specialized in an interdisciplinary approach to chronic pain.  Dr. Lamson and Dr. Morgan had a vision for the 50 year old business that they purchased early this year.  They wanted to preserve all the good things about the practice while adding new treatment tools to improve the outcome for each patient.   In addition to traditional Chiropractic manipulation, they are skilled in the latest soft tissue techniques, functional rehabilitation and physiotherapy.  Doctors Lamson and Morgan at White Mountain Chiropractic & Rehabilitation provide therapies and treatment to patients of all ages for a number of conditions, as well as sports and occupational injuries.  Their goal is to help patients restore their balance and function so that they can achieve their goals and continue doing what they love.

SCORE Advice

Last summer, Dr. Colby Lamson and Dr. Rachel Morgan found a chiropractic practice for sale in the beautiful southern New Hampshire towns of Rindge and New Ipswich and realized that they would need financing to complete the purchase.  They had heard about the free small business counseling offered at SCORE and called Seacoast Chapter 185 for an appointment.  In late August, the doctors met with counselors Lisa Allison and Lindy Morgan (no relation to Dr. Morgan) in the Portsmouth SCORE office.  The counselors looked at the business’s financial statements and listened to the doctors’ plans for the practice.  They determined that the business would probably qualify for a bank loan backed by the SBA and told the doctors what would be needed for their business plan. “I met with these clients five times in four weeks.  Every time I gave them ideas to improve their plan they came right back and exceeded my expectations,” Allison remarked.  The doctors participated in the free Small Business Finance workshop at Seacoast SCORE in Portsmouth.  Also attending were a representative of the sponsoring bank and Amy Bassett, deputy director of the SBA in New Hampshire.  During the break, the doctors approached the banker and she told them that her bank would not consider their application because they had not owned the business for two years.  After the workshop, Bassett and Allison stayed behind to tell the doctors not to be discouraged.  They both believed that the business would be bankable.  “This is just the type of business that local banks want to support within their communities.  I felt optimistic that a smaller bank, with SBA backing, would approve this loan,” said Bassett.

Value of Business Plan

Less than a month after first meeting with SCORE, the doctors had completed their business plan. Dr. Lamson was pleased with the process.  “SCORE was instrumental in preparing us for the loan process. All four banks were thoroughly impressed we arrived on day one with a complete business plan, financial history, and projections substantiated with numbers and facts. With the help of SCORE, we were able to present an actionable plan, as opposed to an idea,” he explained.  The first bank that they presented it to rejected the application but made some suggestions, which they incorporated into the plan.  They then approached three smaller local banks and all of them seemed receptive to the application.  On October 1, Dr. Lamson and Dr. Morgan heard from the first of the three smaller banks.  The application for an SBA backed loan was approved, with the term they had requested and a very reasonable interest rate.  It is fortunate that everyone had worked so fast.  The government shutdown delayed the other loan approvals until the end of October. 


Dr. Lamson and Dr. Morgan began working with Dr. Justin Zellweger during a transition period in January, 2014 before Zellweger relocated to South Carolina. They renamed the business White Mountain Chiropractic & Rehabilitation and opened the doors on February 3, 2014.  They immediately began helping patients manage and alleviate pain, recover from injuries, and deal with chronic conditions.


Just months after White Mountain Chiropractic opened, Dr. Lamson had the opportunity to treat a patient who suffered a lower calf injury during the 17th week of an 18 week training program for the 2014 Boston Marathon. Days of rest and multiple physical therapy visits had not produced any improvement. As a last resort, three days before the marathon, he contacted Dr. Lamson to see if there was anything he could do. The doctor was a bit pessimistic based on the time constraints but agreed to attempt a Graston Technique treatment. After one treatment this patient reports that he was able to run the 26 mile race with full mechanical function and only limited pain, achieving a personal best time.

Business has been growing as patients tell their families, colleagues, friends, and neighbors how Dr. Lamson and Dr. Morgan are helping them.  Dr. Morgan explains, “Each day we come into work, loving what we do. Clinically, we have the opportunity to help people feel and function better. Professionally, we enjoy the pride of succeeding with our team at White Mountain and watching business grow. “


New York Chiropractic College.  They completed an honors residency program at South Shore Neurological Associates on Long Island, where they specialized in an interdisciplinary approach to chronic pain.  They are skilled in the latest soft tissue techniques, functional rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Broward SCORE volunteer counselors yesterday finished a makeover of an ex-teacher’s tutoring service.

Tue, 2014-06-03 15:48

The Miami Herald has a Business Makeover Program where it solicits applications from its readers to have their business examined by professionals for ways to move it forward.

Think Like a Scientist! LLC

Coleen Herbst and Jodi Wooten began teaching together at a local preschool in 2007, teaching three-year-olds as well as a Pre-K enrichment class. With their own passion for science, the enrichment class evolved into one focused on science, and the teachers found that preschoolers also love learning about science. They also created a Camp for a Cure, a science-based camp that funds their annual participation in the Susan G. Komen three-day Walk for a Cure.

The teachers began to dream of opening their own business teaching science to young children. Think Like a Scientist! (TLAS!) was born in 2009 when a local private school began searching for a science program for their young students and partnered with Herbst and Wooten. Finally In 2013 TLAS! opened its own location in West Chester.

TLAS! offers science classes and holds private birthday parties for children ages three to six. Herbst and Wooten are the only employees. A TLAS! session consists of one 2.5 hour class a week for four weeks and costs $125.  TLAS! currently offers four classes a week with total enrollment of about 50 children. They also average two birthday parties a month, with a cost of $250 per party. One day a week, they also teach TLAS! on site at St. Agnes School.


For the 2014-15 school year, TLAS! is planning to open the studio for an additional day each week, which would add about 40 more students. They also want to add a new Saturday class that meets once a month for children 6-8 year olds, with target enrollment of 40 students.


TLAS! met both its revenue expectations for the 2013-14 school year and also all its business goals.  Adding the class for 6-8 year olds and opening the studio an additional day will generate significant additional revenue.


Herbst and Wooten say they reached out to SCORE because “Teachers by trade we knew just how to execute our curriculum. Business folk we are not but we were eager to learn to be! We contacted SCORE and enrolled in their Grow Your Business series.”  Working with counselors Ana Nitica and Frank Millheim, TLAS! got assistance in areas including marketing, web planning, social media and finance. 

About SCORE they say, “SCORE never fails to provide us with a business professional no matter the area of expertise. Thanks to the support of many SCORE volunteers we have developed the skills necessary to create and manage our business. SCORE continues to support us as we move forward to grow our business.” 

Coleen Herbst and Jodi Wooten

TCA Thomas Comitta Associates, Inc.

Thomas Comitta Associates, Inc. is a town planning and landscape architecture firm serving public and private clients throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland since 1981. Their team of certified planners, registered landscape architects, and LEED certified professionals has extensive experience with client-centered land planning and site design services.

In 2009, TCA had its highest revenues in its 35+ year history.  In 2010, in the face of the global financial crisis, the bottom fell out of the state and regional real-estate and development industries and TCA revenue dropped significantly.  Finding that the old model of business was no longer working, the Comittas realized they needed to reinvent their business model and revamp their budget. 

In early 2011, TCA was referred to SCORE by West Chester University’s College of Business and Public Administration. Counselors Bob Fedor and George Edwards created a SCORE advisory board that recommended a zero-based budget with models based on a worst-case, likely, and best-case revenue scenarios. Working from the worst-case scenario budget, TCA cut expenses, reduced personnel and benefits, refinanced mortgages, consolidated other debt and froze non-essential operating expenses.   

While revenues are not back to 2009 levels, they are quickly climbing.  In 2012, actual revenue was 60% higher than their budgeted "worst case scenario" and grew in 2013 by another 8%. TCA is on track to increase revenue by another 8-15% in 2014.

In 2014, TCA hired one full-time and one part-time employee, with the prospect of adding another full time professional, bringing total staff to four full-time and four part-time. 

CFO Carolyn Comitta says TCA’s SCORE advisors are the first call for any business question.  “SCORE helped TCA survive the great recession and revamp our business model and budget for success in the new economy.”  SCORE is now helping TCA plan for the future, crafting scenarios for business succession, cyber security, and to update their personnel manual for the “new economy.”   

Thomas and Carolyn Comitta

Mother & Daughter Duo Launch Life Long Dream Boutique

Sun, 2014-05-25 21:43

Houston, TX, May 25, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Two Elle’s Boutique announces a new online boutique that carries high-quality, cute and stylish clothes and accessories for women. Two Elle’s Boutique provides top customer service, high quality fashion, and ever changing designs to keep customers coming back. Scouring the market for a variety of designers to fit every budget, high end brands include Hunter Bell, winner of Fashion Star and small town new designer, Lauren James.

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