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There are a variety of resources in Mason County that provide many outstanding services to the business community. Please review this listing of local entities to find out what resources are available locally to assist in the success of your business venture.

To be successful in any business, Step #1 after deciding upon a product or service is assessing whether you will sell enough of it to make your business "go." This article explains how to step through such an assessment simply, without loads of information and in as little as 10-20 minutes. Try it out or get a SCORE person to help walk you through it.  No charge, of course.



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How to do a business plan, in lay person terms and in 4 easy steps. Explained in roughly 4 pages. Learn how to do it right and without a great amount of stress. A more detailed article is available about this. Just ask us how and where to find it. 


Planning a “WINNER.”

Create A “Get Moving” Marketing & Sales Plan


Guide for a Marketing and Sales Plan

Want a plan that focuses your time and money?  Rather than complex, time-consuming, dust-collecting volumes, you need a plan that gives you structure and flexibility. You need a live guide that you can look to for direction, and also for options. In this webinar we will help you focus in the key actions and key measures that can help you guide your business into the New Year.

Developing a Customer Contact Plan


Regular, meaningful contact with customers and prospects should be the engine for generating new business for your company. But who has the time?  And what is the best way to communicate?  In this webinar we talk about ways to efficiently drive sales by “touching” Customers, Prospects and Referral Sources in a planned, focused approach.

Your Business Plan Outline

Lullaby Maternity, LLC - Teri Weiss-Lohrei

Lullaby maternity, LLC was established in 2004 by Teri Weiss-Lohrei. Teri is the only employee, with all manufacturing, packaging and shipping done under subcontract.

Teri Initially targeted only the maternity market with polyurethane memory foam support pillows. The pillows are configured in a set of two joined by a Velcro® strip. The pillows can be used together as a set or individually.

Teri Weiss-Lohrei
Year Company Formed
My Successes

In recent months, Teri has expanded her market to orthopedics, specifically hip, knee and shoulder post surgery support requirements.

Teri was on QVC in May 2007, and is scheduling another showing in the near future. She is also exploring joint venture opportunities with two successful maternity/sleep comfort product companies...one on the west coast and the other on the east coast.

Establishes client expectations from SCORE and what is outside the scope of our volunteers.

Once Upon a Child & Plato's Closet - Judy Wilt

Judy Wilt is the owner anJudy Wiltd operator of two local retail stores, Once Upon a Child and Plato’s Closet.  Judy had spent fourteen years in retail sportswear merchandising for the Boscov stores.  In the 2000, she decided to do research for a retail business that would fit her experience and personality.  She discovered a franchise for recycling children’s merchandise that was attractive.  This Once Upon a Child concept gives parents the opportunity to bring in outgrown children’s clothing, books, toys, furniture, etc., and either receive cash or trade-in credit.

The business grew so quickly that she expanded this store in 2003 and opened a second store, Plato’s Closet in September 2005, which follows the same recycling concept for teens and young adults.  

Judy is active in the community as an advisor to other franchisees, President of the Education Committee for Berks Women in Business, and a member of Rotary.  She also provides merchandise from the store to the Salvation Army on a weekly basis.

Judy Wilt
How SCORE Helped

With help from a SCORE counselor, the franchiser, and many business books, Judy opened Once Upon a Child in August 2001.  She attributes the early SCORE assistance for keeping her focus and direction during the critical start-up process.  “I really appreciated the support and insistence of the SCORE counselor for stressing the importance and detail of all my financial projections and budgets,” Judy said.

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