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Fri, 2015-02-20 06:00

YaYa LeGrand had been running her wholesale, private-label wine distributor for several years when she realized she could use some professional insight to take it to the next level.

Sales were strong for the North Miami company. LeGrand knew effective marketing and social media would help elevate her brand in the local market, but she was leery of investing big dollars to hire a marketing firm. Then last year, she heard about a business branding workshop hosted by SCORE, the Service Corps of Retired Executives.

Business Technology Program - Overview Webinar (1 of 4)


This narrated PowerPoint video provides an overview of the benefits and features of using current technology to improve your small business.  It is the first in a four-part series originally developed to provide SCORE volunteers with an overview of current technologies in order to better guide their small business clients.  However, the perspective of the narration in these videos has been changed to be appropriate for viewing directly by small business owners and managers.

Online Workshop|How to Manage your Medical Bills


David Holt, attorney and SCORE mentor, and David Dubé, sales consultant and entrepreneur, present their ideas on how to take control of your medical bills.  They present ways to manage the fact that you have a medical bill that you can't pay.

We asked, you shared: These resources make you better businesswomen

Fri, 2015-05-01 13:25

Here at Bizwomen, we've written a lot about business resources: from the traditional (mentors) to the new (Boss School) to the time-tested (these "Shark Tank" winners turned to SCORE).

But this week we wanted to hear from you, so we asked Bizwomen readers to share their go-to resources for entrepreneurial information and inspiration. Here were your replies. 

Evergreene Graphics

I began my business as a freelance graphic designer in 2000, operating part time while working full time and pursuing my master’s degree. I did no marketing or advertising, and all my clients came through word-of-mouth recommendations. I took a break in 2008 in order to complete my degree. When I decided to leave the corporate world, I revived the business in 2012.


Kimberlee Bush
My Location
Evergreene Graphics; 467 Cummings Road
Greene NY 13778
United States
Year Company Formed
My Successes

My biggest success to date is operating my business with no reported losses for the first two years. While profits are minimal so far, sales doubled in my second year. My client base has grown to include businesses across the country, as well as the UK and Australia. My professional network has opened doors around the community, and my volunteer participation resulted in the 2015 Best in Class Builder Award from the Southern Tier Meet-up Group. I believe my dedication, enthusiasm and experience are the reasons I was recruited to become a SCORE mentor in 2014. I feel it’s important to give back to the organization that continues to assist me as I grow my business for the future.

What's Great About My Mentor?

I had two SCORE mentors that I met with regularly. Mike’s enthusiasm and energy for my ideas and progress were a key factor for my monthly return visits. He was always excited to see how I was doing, what new information I had uncovered, and his review of my financial picture was invaluable. Bill’s experience and advice kept me grounded and realistic. A main feature of Bill’s mentoring was challenging my ideas, encouraging me to evaluate everything, and consider different perspectives. We didn’t always agree, but that’s OK because I learned something from each exchange.

How SCORE Helped

Business Topics - Graphic Design, Print Media, Marketing & Branding Support

Entrepreneur Type - DBA / Sole Proprietor

Business Stage - In third year of operating full time

I started working with SCORE before I left my corporate job so I would have all the pieces in place to operate my business full time when I resigned. SCORE helped me fill in the gaps between operating as a freelancer to a sole proprietor. They assisted me with market research to understand my competition, how to set my prices, and which services to focus on first. They helped me in many additional areas: budgeting, elevator pitch, website review, client forms, and brochure and newsletter feedback, among others.

From year one to year two, I doubled my sales revenues, and the business is operating in the black, no losses to report at tax time.

"Kim started with us as a client and moved to being a mentor and a client at the same time, she continues as a client and mentor"


Certifications and Degrees:

WBE Certified NYS

BFA Graphic Design SUNY

MS Print Media RIT

Sonoma Gnome

My Location
Santa Rosa CA
United States
How SCORE Helped

Rebecca’s path to becoming an entrepreneur began with the idea that she wanted to find a way to provide Sonoma County tourists "with unique, locally-made gift items, that were more interesting souvenirs than the typical 'Made in China' key chains."
 A gifted creative person with a solid sense of humor, Rebecca first started selling witty t-shirts for the holidays, such as the popular "I Believe in Santa...Rosa" shirts. Her next thought was to create a business around gnomes, (who are protectors of the earth), starting the Sonoma Gnome Company in 2013.
At this time she turned to SCORE, and began meeting with Counselor Dana Jacoby. "She was incredibly helpful as she made suggestions that I never would have thought of," Rebecca said. "I remember pausing after one idea and saying, Wow, what a concept!"
"It's great to have someone as a sounding board someone with decades of experience offering help. It's incredibly valuable," she said. "Dana was supportive, encouraging and positive in her comments and feedback to me. I have had the good fortune through SCORE of having my very own business mentor who has gone out of her way to listen and offer her perspective on my entrepreneurial anxieties and dreams."
Rebecca called SCORE a "gift to the community." Besides the one-on-one consulting, she said the workshops are extremely beneficial, especially for a start-up company.
"The classes are great for networking, as I met people who were very supportive and connected," she said. "As entrepreneurs, you often feel isolated.  The classes give you the opportunity to ask questions, get new insights and network."   
Rebecca said she also likes working with Dana because she is counseling a number of local sustainable businesses.  "She has the niche that’s showing the more hip, groovy side of SCORE."   
 She added that some people express concern that SCORE is filled with "old fuddy duddies." She sees SCORE as an incredible resource offering experienced business advice. "They're very consistent in what they offer: the advisors, classes and curriculum are extremely helpful,” she said. Rebecca’s bigger business vision involves a hospitality-based project, and she hopes that SCORE and mentor Dana Jacoby will be able to continue to assist her as she develops her concept. "It would be fantastic to achieve this lodging-based business goal with SCORE’s support!" 

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